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The Brasov County

Situated in the central part of our country, on the middle way of the Olt River, the Brasov county is in fact the land of tourism. It's easier to speak about the places without a tourist interest than to mention the numberless points where eye and heart are fascinated by the wonderful landscapes. In this zone, the line, volume and colour are gathered in such a pictural landspace which calls permanently the beauty lovers to visit it. In winter, spring, summer and autumn, the landscape changes only its colour, but not its beauty and splendour.

The Southern part of this county which has the municipality of Brasov, as its geographical center - where the Golden Stag international pop music Festival is held - there are places of a national tourist interest as Poiana Brasov - Dracula,s Land - formig a real tourist reservation.

On a surface of only 40 km in radius, the Olt river Meadow meets the mountainous massives as the Postavarul, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului or Piatra Mare up to 2,500 m above the sea. In this area the variety and novelty reign. The landscape passes from the green of the rich flora in plain to the austere grey of the rocks, then again to the colourful mountain pastures. The mountains are covered by oak, beech and fir trees. Here the chamois, Carpathian stag, roebuck, brown bear, wolf, lynx, wild boar, fox and hare are at home.

Being the second in the Romanian tourism after the seaside of the Black Sea, the Brasov county is on first place in the Romanian mountain one. Thanks to its natural landscape as well as to its place in a central region of tourist interest, the Brasov county is on the first place in the Romanian tourism. From here many other tourist zones begin like the spokes of wheel; the Prahova Valley with its famous Sinaia, Azuga Busteni Spas, the Bran Rucar Pass; the Olt Valley and the mountain and hilly zones of the Covasna county. This is the ideal region where the pleasure tourism, short holidays, climbing or different sports can be done.

Starting Brasov, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Bran, Zarnesti, Rasnov, Vama Buzaului or the town of Victoria, the mountain can be reached on the first step to tens kilometers. From here, on railway or roads all points of tourist interest can be reached in half of a day at the most.

The Brasov county has to be also mentioned for its numberless historical, architectural, cultural and art monuments. There are old architectural piles of buildings which are relevant to the history and civilization of the region. Among them there are the fortified Transylvanian Saxon churches which are a characteristic defining phenomenon for the civilization of Transylvania.

In the same time there are a lot of natural monuments as Poiana Narciselor (The Clearing of Narcissuses) near by the town of Fagaras, the Harman - Dealul Lempes Marshes, with their special micro-climate and flora, Tigaile Ciucasului, Bucsoiu or Caldarea Malaiestilor in the Bucegi Mountains with an unique landscape value.

Summing up it's possible to say that thanks to its hotels in Brasov, Poiana Bragov and Predeal, to the picturesque peasant households in Bran, Poiana Marului, Tara Barsei, Tara Fagarasului and Vama Buzaului, the Brasov county offers a hospitable home to all its guests who want to see, to feel the nature and peoples in an exceptional tourist region confirmed as such by the ones who visited it.

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