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Bihor County


The Bihor County

Situated in the North-Western part of Romania, the Bihor county has a surface of 7, 544 sq.km.

Its population is of 633.629 inhabitants of which 310.944 live in towns and 322.685 in the countryside.

Administratively, the Bihor county has a municipality - Oradea which is also its capital city and has 223,405 inhabitants and eight towns: Alesd, Beius, Marghita, Nucet, Salonta, Stei, Vascau and Valea lui Mihai.

The neighbors of the Bihor county are the counties of Hajdu-Bihar and Bekes in Hungary having a frontier zone of more than 150 km here there are the frontier points: Valea lui Mihai, Bors, Episcopia Bihor and since April 1996 the one from Salonta-Micherechi. The Bors frontier point is the main road gate from the West-Europe to Romania.

To meet its guests, the Bihor county has 24 hotel; with 8,043 places as well as lot of inns, villas, chalets and camping grounds with 2,405 places.

The most important place of tourist interest in the Bihor county is Baile Felix, a spa with over 7,200 places (it is about 10 km far from Oradea).

The Stana de Vale mountain Spa, situated at 1,100m above sea level, with more than 250 places is also a point of attraction for Romanian and foreign tourists.

Additionally to these, Tinca and Pestera Ursilor Spas in the Apuseni Mountains have to be mentioned.

The municipality of Oradea offers many attractive places like: the Fortress of Oradea, built in 1114-1131, destroyed by Tartars; the "Tara Crisurilar" Museum situated in the baroque Palace built in 1750-1789 as a replica of the Belvedere Palace from Vienna; the Roman-Catholic cathedral which is the biggest Baroque monument in Romania.

The road network of the Bihor county is of 2,491 km of which 580 km are modernized.

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