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The Arad County

Being a main gate of Romania for the West-European travelers, the picturesque landscape of the hilly and mountainous zones of the Mures and Crisul Alb Valleys urge Romanian and foreign tourists to visit its numerous tourist zones: Moneasa, Lipova, Arad Vineyard, The Halmagiu land, the Cladova Valley, Savarsin, Valea Mare-Caprioara.

In the Municipality of Arad, in the towns of Lipova and Ineu, in the Moneasa and Lipova Spas, in other tourist zones there are hotels, inns, motels, holiday camps and cottages.

The Arad County has a lot of scientific reservations, especially botanical, forestry, zoological and speologic ones. Remarkable by the rarity and variety of their flora are: Moneasa natural reservation, the "Dosul Laurului" reservation from Zimbru, the Botanic Garden at the Macea Castie, the dendrological parks from Gurahont, Bulci, Capalnas, Neudorf, Savarsin, Odvos and Manastur as well as the forestry reservations from Runcu-Grosi, Raul Mare Halmagel, Prundul Mare-Securigiu.

There are also a lot of hunting and fishing grounds. Wellknown are the ones from Chisineu-Cris - Socodor -Adea, Savarsin - Troas and Varfurile - Halmagel.

Old churches and monasteries situated in the Arad county have real art treasures and some of them are exhibited there. The most known are the Orthodox monasteries from Hodos-Bodrog, dated from 1177, from Bezdin, dated from 1334, from Arad-Gai built in 1760-1762, Sf. Maria - Radna Franciscan Monastery, built in 1727 -1826 the Princely Orthodox Church from Halmagiu, dated back to the XIVth century, the Roman-Catholic Church from Sanpetru German, built in l774.

On the Crisul Alb and Mures Valleys there are Orthodox wooden churches built in the XVII - XIXth century. Authentic monuments of folk architecture are the wooden churches from Bodesti, Corbesti, Cristesti, Grosii Noi, Ionesti, Luncsoara, Madrigesti, Poiana, Varfurile, Julita, Troas a.o. Of a great architectural value are also the numerous castles and secular buildings situated in this county. The most important are the Fortress of Arad, built in Vauban system in 1763-1785, the Castle-fortress from Ineu, built in 1645-1652, the castles from Savarsin, Bulci, Capalnas, Petris, Conop, Odvos, Macea, Fantanele, Siria.

The Arad county preserved an old and authentic folk art in Tara Zarandului, Ineu-Sicula and Birchis-Capalnas. The embroideries in red and black, the sheepskin coats made by the furriers from Buteni, the sleeveless jackets made in Birchis and Bata are famous.

The traditional textures as well as the folk pottery can be found in the most of the peasant's households in Tara Zarandului, on the Mures Valley and the Crisul Alb Plain.

It has to be mentioned the remarkable preservation of some traditional peasant's households mainly in the villages situated in the mountainous zones.

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