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...всегда пора и знать и говорить правду. - Э. Ожешко

Real news informs the public and motivates their enthusiasm for change.

News - Radio

One of the more popular mass media is still the radio.

News - News Group

Popular discussion groups on the Internet.

News - Newspaper *

News - Conferences and Events *

News - News Group *

Hong Kong 1997: Return to China *

Another good site on the return of Hong Kong to China

News - Technology *

News - Events

News on conferences, exhibitions and other events.

News - Radio *

News - Economy *

News - Magazine *

News - General

General information in the news

News - Financial *

News - Financial

Financial information around the world are linked.

News - Technology

Most dynamic news today is about technology.

News - Television

The most ubiquitous one-way mass media invented less than a hundred years ago.

News - Magazine

One of the more viable forms of information dissemination is the magazine.

News - Economy

Economy is one dominant news component today.

Hong Kong 1997 *

Comprehensive web site on Hong Kong Handover 1997

News - General *

News - Newspaper

The most traditional public information medium is the newspaper.

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