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Velichajshee udovol'stvie, kakoe tol'ko mozhet chuvstvovat' chestnyj chelovek, - eto dostavlyat' udovol'stvie svoim druz'yam. - Vol'ter

Information of a general nature are collected here

Asian Mall *

Eta shoping-sluzhba v seti predlagaet shirokij vybor izdelij iz Azii. Krome togo, na etom sajte mozhno najti vypuski novostej iz Azii, detskij razdel, informatsiyu o trudoustrojstve.

Chinascape: Chinese Web Index *

Extensive Chinese web links

Hong Kong Supernet *

General information on Hong Kong

Chinascape: Chinese Web Index *

General web index on China

Wenze Hu's China-Related Home Page *

Large, well categorized site with lots of resources about China

Webside Pavilion *

Chinese information

Imachination: East-West Web Weaving *

General information with a nice design

Home Page of Tibet *

Chinese Links sponsored by the Tibet Study Association

China Vista *

General searchable site on China


Bilingual general information site

Global Villager *

Global information and services

Silkroad Internet Site *

Bilingual Chinese/Japanese General

China Plus *

General web site on China

Vienna University - China Virtual Library *

Part of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library Project (initiated at CERN, now maintained at the W3 Consortium) and keeps track of leading information facilities for the Chinese Studies section of the Asian Studies.

MuziNet *

Chinese and Amercian scholars volunteering together to provide East-West exchange and understanding by providing an interactive website to educate and offer opportunities.

Multimedia'96/China - Web Links *

Multimedia and China information and links

Ask Asia *

Information/News, Children's Activities, and Educator's Corner

Inside China Today Information *

World Cultures *

General web site about different cultures

Creative Online Enterprises *

San Francisco - Asia general

Nihao - China InfoWeb *

General Chinese web listing

A Cyberway to China *

General China site including travel information

Searching for China: a series of Web Activities *

General site

China News Digest *

Popular Chinese news service on the Internet

China Internet Directory *

China Internet directory listing

SINOUS - Chinese and English *

Comprehensive bilingual site

1st China - China All In One *

Listings of arts and culture, entertainment, education, science and technology, news, and government links

NetChina *

General information site on China

China Gate - Gateway to China News, Trade and Culture *

World Learning *

General learning

Heng Yuan's Chinese Web Directory *

Directory of Chinese Resource on the World Wide Web - bilingual

China Home Page - China Education and Research Network (CERNET) *

CERNET with general China information

China Home Page *

The mirror site of IHEP's China Home Page.

Links to China *

Many links to web sites in China

China on Web *

General web site on China

Asiawind *

Connects the people of the East and West by providing information in business, culture and technology.

BYU Chinese Section *

Extensive links to Brigham Young's programs and China-related resources.

China (CRISP) *

General facts about Chinese cities

PRC Commercial Law Courses *

China Internet *

Links to China Internet, Hong Kong Internet, Tiawan Internet and AmericaAsia Media, with abundance of information on business, government and travel.

Asia-Net, Inc. *

Asia general information

Center for Modern China *

SinoBz *

Business in general

Sinologic: China Links for HyperChina Users *

Links for HyperChina users including language, philosophy, literature, entertainment, computing, plus much more.

The China Matrix *

A detailed electronic resource about the Internet in China.

Hong Kong Star Internet *

General Hong Kong information - bilingual

China Guide - The Gateway To Chinese Culture! *

Links to many China subjects including humanities, arts, cooking, software. An alternate URL is http://www.catalog.com/inforg01/.

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