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A disagreement may be the shortest cut between two minds. - Kahlil Gibran

Language gives a culture its identity.

Presented here are some related resources.

A Dissertation on Chinese Language *

Functional Perspectives and Chinese Word Order

Art of China: Learn Chinese *

Enjoy the art and learn the language of China

AsiaSoft *

Source of help on Asian language requirement and support questions especially in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages.


Bilingual general information site

CND-CM (HXWZ) Technical Q & A *

Topics on reading Chinese on the Internet, from hardware requirements to software reference.

Cantonese Language Association *

China Advocates *

Chinese language (Mandarin) training program

Chinese Character Genealogy - Zhongwen Zipu *

This unusual dictionary uses traditional etymologies and a unique series of charts based on them to show the close relationships between Chinese characters.

Chinese Character Pronunciations *

Input (copy-and-paste) any Chinese text and obtain the transliterated pronunciation of each Chinese character.

Chinese Language Maintenance *

Chinese language program developed by linguists to maintain and further skills

Chinese Language Program *

Learning the language, plus more!

Chinese Language Related Information Page *

Chinese Online *

Learning basic Chinese online

Chinese WEB Server - Decoders *

Chinese decoders

Chinese text/language resources *

Broad presentation of sites

Chinese-English Bilingual World *

Bilingual language publishing house

Ethnologue Database: China *

The Ethnologue is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries.

Internet Chinese Language Data *

Extensive Internet Accesses of Chinese Language Data

Learn A Character A Week *

Practice makes perfect.

Learn Chinese Language with SinoLogic's HyperChina *

Chinese language software

Learning Chinese Resource *

Personal resource of learning Chinese

Ocrat Chinese Pages *

Chinese-related web applications, with a focus on Chinese language learning for English speakers.

Prisma International: Multilingual Communication *

professional translators providing multilingual services.

SINOUS - Chinese and English *

Comprehensive bilingual site

Seascape Internet Marketing *

translation Chinese <-> English

Sinologic: Chinese Learner's Alternative Page *

Offers you supplementary learning material on Chinese language and original articles on the latest directions in Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Sinologic: Wonderfully Absurd Temple: Miao Miao Miao *

Dedicated to the serious avante-garde art designed especially for exhibition on the Internet.

The Human-Languages Page *

A comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources with over 1300 links.

The Taipei Language Institute (TLI-IYU Chinese Language Center in Beijing) *

Language training institute for Mandarin Chinese and several other languages (including Taiwanese, Japanese and English).

US/China Links *

Learning the language to communicate in the Chinese workplace

Washington Academy of Languages *

A private, non-profit education and training organization committed to advancing international understanding

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