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Нигде не найти покоя тому, кто не нашел его в самом себе. - Ф. Ларошфуко

Culture is always a mosaic including many aspects of our lives, arts, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, and much more.

Presented here are some resources on the American and Chinese cultures.

Culture - Literature *

Culture - Philosophy

Philosophy is the learning of all learnings.

Culture - Religion *

Culture - Music *

Culture - General *

Culture - General

General cultural information

Culture - Music

Music is the common language of all cultures.

Culture - Philosophy *

Culture - Language *

Culture - Arts *

Culture - Literature

Literature transcends all cultures in time and space.

Culture - Arts

Arts is the soul of a culture; enjoy and learn.

Culture - Tradition

Tradition is the distilled version of a culture.

Culture - History

History is a mirror.

Culture - Traditions *

Culture - Religion

Religion is a belief with faith.

Culture - Language

Language gives a culture its identity.

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