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The sun will shine into our yard too. -- (Neither the weather nor people can remain disturbed for long; the calm (sun) must follow) - Russia

Arts is the soul of a culture; enjoy and learn.

Art Gallery of Ms. Chen Ying *

Paintings of Ms. Chen

Art of China *

Comprehensive site on arts of China

Arts and Crafts of China *

List of pictures, paintings, caligraphy, crafts, etc.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco *

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Asian Arts *

On-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia

China Guide - Chinese Language *

Links to many Chinese language resources

China Net Art Gallery *

Chinese Landscape Painting, Country Art, Papercut

Chinese Archaic Jades *

Description of the traditional appreciation and evaluation of ancient Chinese jades.

Chinese Art History Event, Princeton Art Museum *

Chinese Philosophy and Arts, etc. *

Chinese study resources on philosophy, arts and more

Council on East Asian Libraries - Art and Architecture *

Comprehensive Art and Architecture Site

Culture - Arts - Architecture *

Culture - Arts - Architecture

Architecture is both art and engineering.

Culture - Arts - Calligraphy *

Culture - Arts - Calligraphy

Brush Calligraphy is an ancient form of expression unique to Asia and full of beauty.

Culture - Arts - Crafts *

Culture - Arts - Crafts

Craft is the combination of art and design.

Culture - Arts - Film *

Culture - Arts - Film

Film is one of the best artistic representations.

Culture - Arts - Performing Arts *

Culture - Arts - Performing Arts

Performing arts are popular art forms.

Kwans Jade Exhibits *

Chinese Archaic Jades from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Learn Chinese Language with SinoLogic's HyperChina *

Chinese language software

Nezu Institute of Fine Arts (ٻӟp) *

Nezu Institute of Fine Arts

Nomius - Zen Images - A City of Cathay *

'A City of Cathay', an ancient artististic handscroll on silk (38 feet long)

Northwest Folk Art from China *

The art of Chinese needle work

Sackler/Freer Galleries *

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery; Freer Gallery of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Calendar *

The calendar of the museum and the Director's message about new exhibits.

The National Palace Museum *

The National Palace Museum boasts the most stunning collection of Chinese art, which once belonged to the imperial court of dynastic China.

Traditional Chinese Culture *

Traditional Chinese paintings: landscape, flower-and-bird and earlier human figure paintings

World Art Treasures *

Art of the ancient civilizations

Xian Birmingham (AL) Museum of Art *

The First Emperor: Treasures from Ancient China

ی3|C] Ancient Artifacts *

Exhibition of ancient Chinese artifacts

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