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Welcome to "Friends and Partners China", a new mailing list designed to help coordinate and communicate information concerning the new jointly developed information service by the same name.

Because of the confusion and traffic usually associated with such new lists, we are initially planning for this to be a moderated list. We will 'digest' all postings and send out to subscribers 2-3 digests each week.

The purpose of this list? Basically, we feel that a listserver will provide the best mechanism for communicating with each other about the development of a new community network designed to: (1) help educate citizens about participating countries and cultures - with special emphasis on the People's Republic of China; (2) provide a common base of information about issues affecting relations between our countries; and (3) provide a common 'meeting place' where folks can find and communicate with each other.

Please join by sending a message to listproc@solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu with the following text:


This is a moderated list from which a 'digest' of all postings will be sent to subscribers every 2-3 days.

More information on the F&P China project follows.

"Friends and Partners China" (FPChina), a new venture designed to introduce friends from around the world who are interested in learning about and meeting new friends in the People's Republic of China. Please visit our new server on the Internet at:


Friends and Partners, China is designed to explore use of the Internet as a means of promoting understanding of and exchange with the culture and people of China. More importantly, we want to introduce opportunities for cooperation and friendship between individuals and organizations in our countries. It hopes to cooperate with and build upon the accomplishments of the many wonderful initiatives on the Internet today in introducing the culture and people of China to the world - as well as the many organizations who have been working towards this same goal of cooperation and friendship for the past several years.

"Friends and Partners China" is itself an act of friendship - developed over the past two years by friends in China, Russia, and the U.S. - individuals separated by thousands of miles but united by common concern of promoting better understanding and exchange across cultures - and by common interest in exploring how new technologies might be used for that purpose.

It is the latest member of a family of projects created by the original "Friends and Partners" effort - active since 1994 bringing together friends from around the world with an interest in countries of the former Soviet Union. (URL: http://www.friends-partners.org/friends/) This grassroots effort has attracted a community of several thousand participants, handling many million information inquiries and email exchanges. It has received a number of awards and honors (including designation by one Internet publisher as one of the top 30 "must see" sites on the Internet) and the helpful support of such organizations as Sun Microsystems, NATO, the US State Department, the Soros Foundation (ISF), and, most recently, the Ford Foundation. Friends and Partners illustrates how the Internet can be an amazingly simple and effective tool at promoting better understanding across the previously difficult barriers of geography, language, and culture. Its creators are pleased to work with new friends in focusing attention on the People's Republic of China.

At the moment, FPChina is more a 'framework' of an information system -- more 'heart' than substance. The primary services offered at the moment are a growing catalog of China-related resources all over the Internet, and various databases and communications services. Over the upcoming summer months, we will be adding a sizeable amount of content about cities and regions of China as well as information about art, history, and culture.

But our primary goal now is to help others build upon the framework -- to create and link together information on our nation's histories; our art, music, literature, and religion; our educational and scientific resources; our geography and natural resources, our languages; and our opportunities for communicating, travelling, and working together. The 'end product' -- an evolving and dynamic information and communications resource -- will hopefully help introduce many new relationships and, in the process, create new opportunities for better understanding, cooperation, and exchange. We feel it demonstrates the best use of this wonderfully chaotic, rapidly growing global network we call the Internet.

We hope you will join us! FP China will successfully accomplish its goals as it develops a community of individuals who share in and help develop its vision. There are many ways to contribute -- these include:

  1. for a start, sign the FP China guestbook
  2. join the email listserver "fpchina" (more information below)
  3. contribute information about yourself in the new "friends" database (http://www.friends-partners.org/fpchina/friends.html)
  4. visit the WWW site and suggest new links, new areas of content, and help us better organize the existing information. Every page has a special link at the bottom with which you can make suggestions.
  5. volunteer to manage and further develop an existing section of F&P (we'll help you get started)
  6. contribute your own information - we'll give you an account and help you get started with your own Internet publishing - you can publish material about your travel experiences, your ideas, your organization's activities, etc.
  7. start up your own communications service - bulletin board, chat room, email listserver, etc.
We ask only that the services contribute towards friendly exchange and improved understanding.

If you do not have a WWW browser, you can use our 'fpc' account. Telnet to solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu. At the login: prompt, enter fpc and press return (make sure to enter friends in all lower case). This will place you in a non-graphic WWW browser called 'Lynx' (on-line help is available). (Note: you must be emulating a vt100 terminal to use this method of access.)

We have established an electronic mailing list (listserver) to help facilitate communication for this project. Please feel most free to join by sending a message to listproc@solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu with the following text:


This is a moderated list from which a 'digest' of all postings will be sent to subscribers every 2-3 days.

We will soon be providing a 'mirror' of all services in Beijing, China on a computer at the Institute of High Energy Physics, directed by Dr. Rongsheng Xu, which is the very first Internet Node inside China. In addition, colleagues led by Dr. Xu from the consortium of IHEP, Fudan, Lanzhou, Nankai, and Tsing Hua University will facilitate this project from within China. We hope "Friends and Partners" will also help promote the exciting development of computer networking and application in China.

We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to our home institutions in Pushchino, Russia and at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Their continued support makes so many good things possible.

Please send us your comments, criticisms, suggestions (and offers of help!). Sincerely,

The F&P China Team

Dr. Rongsheng Xu             Dr. Michael Lusk             Dr. Ge Zhang 
Beijing, China               Knoxville, TN USA            Knoxville, TN USA
xurs@sun.ihep.ac.cn          michaellusk@utk.edu          zhangge@utk.edu

        Natasha Bulashova                   Greg Cole
        Pushchino, Russia                   Knoxville, TN USA
        natasha@friends-partners.org        gcole@utk.edu

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