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Если есть что-либо почтенное, то это цельность всей жизни. - Цицерон

Community, real or virtual, is always the place where people share their lives together.

Community - Youth's groups *

Community - Woman's Group

Women of a community make the other half of the sky.

Community - Cultural Exchange *

Community - Youth's Group

Youth is the early morning sun.

Community - Listserv

Mail is one of the best ways to communicate. Listserv is mailing on the Internet.

Community - Listserv *

Community - Woman's groups *

Community - Chat

Talking is one of the best ways to communicate. Chat is talking on the Internet.

Community - F&P China Chat

Talk interactively with friends from around the world.

Community - Chat *

Community - F&P China Email Listserver

A moderated, digested email listserver for the F&P China community - the real heart of this project.

Look For You *

This email directory is the first of its kind to find Chinese people worldwide using English, BIG-5, and GB versions.

Community - Organizations

Organizations constitute the backbone of any community.

SCN Meeting Place *

Community - Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchanges broaden the landscape of all communities involved.

Community - Organizations *

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