February 12 , Tuesday

Tuesday began from presentation made by Natasha Bulashova who told about CIVNet project CIVNnet and its development.

RCNP Russian Director Natasha Bulashova

Greg Cole, American Director of RCNP program made a review of RCNP program and reported about NaukaNetprogram.
A new advanced link, called NaukaNet (For Advanced Science and Technology Network) will increase the bandwidth between the U.S. and Russia by orders of magnitude. NaukaNet will facilitate communications through high quality video-conferencing that has never been possible on such a wide basis between the U.S. and Russian scientific communities. The network's capabilities will be put to use during the U.S.-Russian Science and Technology Dialog - a series of science and technology working groups in nine different scientific disciplines.

"NaukaNet represents a new level of communication infrastructure between the U.S. and Russia and it introduces a realm of possibilities for collaboration and cooperative work," said Dan Reed, director of NCSA and the National Computational Science Alliance. "The primary purpose of this infrastructure is to give scientists in both countries the ability to jointly address the toughest issues we face."

Greg Cole, American Director of RCNP program.

A new software product presented the managers of Ikimbo Inc. Ikimbo Inc.

Presentation of new software product.

This software was developed in aim to improve interaction and collaboration between organization or enterprise members. And it may be used successfully in civic networking.

Ikimbo is delivering real-time communication chain management solutions for the value/supply chain market. Communication chain management - the interface between the information in enterprise applications and the human communication about that information - is emerging as the next major advance for e-business technologies.

With new solutions, clients are accelerating communication among people, partners, suppliers and enterprise applications and reaping recognizable returns in reduced operating costs, facilitated decision making, increased customer satisfaction, and increased revenue - all factors critical in today's competitive business environment.

To help clients realize the full potential of real-time communication solutions, Ikimbo offers comprehensive planning, implementation and integration services.

Second half of Tuesday was devoted to presentations of local RCNP projects (Samara, Sergiev Posad, Kazan, Obninsk, Voronezh).

The development of each local civic network is unique, every one has its own model of development.

It was interesting to evaluate and compare these models of building and development. During presentation and further discussions workshop participants had the opportunity to discover strong and weak sides of network development; to take consultations and advice from colleagues; to find more effective way in solution of local problems.

Sergey Agapov, PI of Samara Civic Networking Project.

Samara Civic Network started its development in 1998, basing the activity on close collaboration with region NGOs. Samara Civic Network aim is to increase the level of cooperation within the non-commercial public sector and to provide its cooperation with governmental and commercial sectors on the basis of modern means of information organization and dissemination. The main SCN objectives are:

  • To provide Internet and e-mail access to Samara Region NGO (non profit organization) leaders, members and clients in order to develop interregional and international relations between NGOs.
  • To increase the effectiveness of NGO activities via partnership development through joint programs and projects realization together with governmental, municipal and commercial structures.
  • To provide access to wide and various information about Samara region, its history, economy, culture, non-profit sector and other civic society institutions to all interested people.

Presentation of Samara Civic Networking Project (3,2 Mb) you can look through here:


Evaluation of SCN project activity (206 K):

Aidar Khamzin, PI of Kazan Civic Networking Project.

Kazan Civic Network started its development in 1999. The basic purpose of KCN is the harmonization of a society, which engenders free civic relations. Main objectives of KCN are:

  • To increase information of Kazan Region citizens.
  • To increase civil consciousness and activity of Tatarstan Republic citizens.
  • To help in development of social movement in Tatarstan Republic and initiate joint social-significant projects between NGOs, government organizations and commercial organization.

Presentation of KCN project (2, 8 M) you can look through here:


Booklet about Kazan city and KCN(1,9 M):


Yuriy Konovalov and Victor Nemov, representatives of Sergiev POsad Civic Network

The particular feature of Sergiev Posad Civic Network is a close relations and interaction of SP CN with local administration. Local municipal authorities adopted all innovation projects of SP CN. The Mayor of Sergiev Posad Region Vasily Goncharov supervises many project of SP CN.

Presentation of Sergiev Posad CN (42, 6 M):


Yuriy Koftan, PI of Obninsk Civic Networking Project and Greg Cole, RCNP Director

Victor Latynov, the representative of Obninsk CN

Obninsk Civic Network is an electronic information-technological environment of a civic community of science-city. Obninsk got a status of "Naukograd" (science city) till December 31, 2024 ( the Decree of Russian Presiden V. Putin of May, 7, 2000).

The main goal of OCN is to provide members of the civic community, first of all citizens and non-profit organizations with an opportunity to publish information and to discuss local problems in Internet for free or at privilege conditions.

Presentation of Obninsk CN (7, 6 M) :

Vladislav Yurasov, PI of Voronezh Civic Networking Project and Luobov Grigorieva, project coordinator.

"Voronezh Civic Networking" project is one of the youngest in whole RCNP program, but it seems to be the most successful. Sincere interest, great diligence and responsibility of project employees give the chance to build a strong infrastructure during small time period. This network helps to solve many regional and city problems. During project life there were created 15 Public Access Centers; Voronezh Radio Company broadcasts weekly issues about VCN and tells how VCN can help to solve current regional and city problem.

Presentation of Voronezh CN (7, 8 M) :


Booklet about Voronezh city and VCN(4,1 M):


According to the agreement with "Friends and Partners" Foundation Sergey Synorov, a journalist of Voronezh State TV and Radio Company was invited to workshop and he elucidated workshop activity. Further it is proposed to create a video film about second US-Russian workshop .

Natasha Bulashova nad Sergey Synorov discuss the record of future film about current RCNP workshop.

You can see more detailed presentations od RCNP local projects here http://www.friends-partners.org/rcnp/workshop/cities/

Sometimes workshop activity was so intensive that participants did not want to spend time for trip to restaurant. Pizza was ordered in nearby restaurant.

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