February 11, Monday

The workshop activity started on February 11th in Access Center. This Center is equipped by modern equipment and advanced computer technologies are used here.

Access Center.

Workshop in Access Center

After introduction and opening comments RCNP Directors Natasha Bulashova and Greg Cole made a report about CIVNet project.

RCNP Directors Natasha Bulashova and Greg Cole made a report about CIVNet project.

The translation was made by Natasha Bulashova, RCNP Director and Tanya Stepanova, project coordinator.

Tanya Stepanova translated a presentation made by Greg Cole

Alexander Kozlov, Vice-president of "Friends and Parners" Foundation

On Monday workshop participants listened a very interesting presentation by Dave Hughes "Community Networking and Wireless Technologies"

Dave Hughes, Greg cole and Natasha Bulashova discuss questions from Dave's presentation.

Dave lives in Colorado uses successfully wireless technologies in civic networks. With the help of such technologies he provided Internet access in many schools, libraries and pubs. Workshop participants were interested very much in such inexpensive method of access to Internet. Maybe this way of Internet access can be used in Russia.

Another interesting presentation by Dr. Hans-Verner Braun (San Diego Supercomputer Center) was made during video-conference with California.

Videoconference with California. Dr. Braun tells about projects of CA University.

The UC San Diego interdiscplinary project is led by Hans-Werner Braun, a research scientist at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. http://hpwren.ucsd.edu

Dr. Braun told in his presentation about using of wireless technologies in different University projects - seismological, oceanographic, geological, ecological, astronomical. One of the most important projects is a creation of Tribal Digital Village Network, which continues its expansion to reach all 18 San Diego County reservations. The aim is to connect Native American tribes to broadband telecommunications - allowing the tribal communities to have the same access to high-speed Internet as their urban counterparts.

This presentation was interesting to workshop participants not only because of its content but also because of the fact that some RCNP members for the first time took part in such videoconference between two remote supercomputer centers.

Discussions and experience exchange between workshop participants lasted till the evening.

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