Obninsk Civic Networking Visit Card

1. About the project
The goal of a proposed project is the establishment of civic network in Obninsk city.

The project implementation:

  • Will promote the development of the city information and telecommunication infrastructure;
  • Will allow us to use efficiently the city information resources;
  • Will expand and facilitate an access to local and global information resources, reduce an inequality in possibility of access;
  • Will provide the city residents a possibility to publish their information in the network.
As a whole, activity of the civic network as a result of the proposed project:
  • Will promote the creation of a wide alliance of city organizations and residents;
  • Will help to join together efforts of the city community for further development of city and favorable social environment.
The project will be fulfilled by a consortium of the participants representing different group of local community:
  • Not-for-profit partnership "Obninsk Computer Club - OK_Club"
  • Obninsk City Administration (Administration)
  • Obninsk City Information Center (OCIC)
  • MaxNet Systems, Ltd.
  • Not-for-profit partnership "Municipal Informatics"
  • Not-for-profit partnership "Community"
  • Obninsk City Fund for the Support of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian Youth"
  • International Academy of Modern Knowledge

During the first year of the project the following structures will be created :

A. OCN technical basis:

  • Central Web server at OCN Informational and Methodical Center,
  • OCN server of telephone dial-up access for 8-16 numbers,
  • Telecommunication IP network (10 Mbit/s) that connects no less than 8 computers at 3 Public Access Centers and 8-10 PC at 2 Training Centers,
  • The Internet connection to Moscow (on -9 in RBNet) through the not-for-profit provider OCNES (4 Mbit/s), with backup channel through the commercial provider MaxNet Systems, Ltd. (2 Mbit/s).
B. OCN information basis:
  • Information resources of the OCN Web site,
  • Consolidated and adopted to OCN information Internet resources on civil, social, municipal, etc. subjects both already existing and being established by the consortium members and other project participants,
  • Information resources of not-for-profit sector, citizens, and other OCN participants,
  • The system of users' training and consulting,
C. OCN organizational basis:
  • Board of Directors will be formed ,
  • Informational and Methodical Center (IMC),
  • Telecommunication Center (TC),
  • Two Training Centers (TrC),
  • Three Public Access Centers (PAC).
During the second year of the project the OCN technical and information infrastructure will be strengthened and expanded (establishment of new PACs, creation of new information resources). The OCN should become an independent not-for-profit organization.

2. About Obninsk

Obninsk is one of Russian scientific centers. It was founded in 1956. The city is very young and its history is mainly the history of the establishment and development of R&D institutions and enterprises. The area of Obninsk for many centuries witnessed different events important for Russian history. The young scientific city situated close to ancient cities such as Borovsk, Maloyaroslavets, Ugodsky Zavod, Tarutino.
The nearest vicinities of Obninsk are connected to the names of the most outstanding representatives of Russian intellectuals and educated nobility. All this harmonically connects young science city to the centuries-old domestic history.

More detailed information represented on WEB site of Obninsk City Administration: http://WWW.OBNINSK.RU

3. OCN project history

Obninsk has sister city relations with Oak Ridge, Tennessee since 1992. In 1997 the Director of Science and International Relations Department of Obninsk City Administration Oleg Luksha had a suggestion from Ken Luckmann (President, Oak Ridge Sister City Support Organization) and Greg Cole (one of organizers of civic networks) to take part in projects competition for a grant to establish civic network in Obninsk. With this purposes a consortium of organizations has been established to include Obninsk City Administration, Obninsk Computer Club, Obninsk City Information Center, and Internet provider - Maxnet Systems. However that time the project was not supported.
In 1999 the project was corrected and submitted to take part in the second round of the competition. The consortium included more organizations.
The WEB site that was created in the framework of the project can be found at: http://CIVNET.OBNINSK.ORG.

4. Project employees

1) Yuri Koftan - Head of the project, President of OK_Club, Chairman of Informatization Section of Obninsk City Scientific and Technical Council (CSTC).

2) Alexander Zisman - Vice president of OK_Club.

3) Marina Zybarkina - project bookkeeper, Chief Accountant OK_Club.
4) Sergey Byakov - Webmaster of the OCN site.

5) Oleg Luksha - Director of Science and International Relations Department of Obninsk City Administration.

7) Irina Yurkova - Director of the "Community",

8) Nadezhda Golovnina - member of the "Community",
9) Inna Levchenko- member of the "Community",
10) Alexander Surnin - General Director of the JSC "Obninsk City Information Center"

11) Sergey Astapov - Deputy Director of not-for-profit partnership "Municipal Informatics".
12) Irina Filenko - "Municipal Informatics".
13) Natalya Minaeva - "Municipal Informatics".

14) Natela Ostrovskaya- "Municipal Informatics".
15) Pavel Sokolovsky - General Director of the "Maxnet Systems", Ltd.
16) Dmitry Sazonov - programmer of the "Maxnet Systems", Ltd.
17) Valentin Profatilo - programmer of the "Maxnet Systems", Ltd.
18) Anton Yanovsky - President of the Obninsk City Fund of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian Youth.

19) Dmitry Rodin - Director of the Obninsk City Fund of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian Youth.
20) Alexander Postnikov - Rector of the International Academy of Modern Knowledge.

(Project employees 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 20 are volunteers. All other are paid from the grant budget).

Yuri Koftan,
e-mail: koftan@okclub.org

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