Kazan Civic Networking Visit Card


1.The title of the project "Kazan civic networking".
    The location - Kazan.
2.The Republic of Tatarstan  was formed on May 27, 1920 within the structure of RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republics). In the West from it there is the Chuvash Republic, in the southeast - the Orenburg area, in the south - the Samara and Ulyanovsk areas, in northwest - Mari El Republic, in northeast - the Udmurt Republic, in east - Bashkortostan. Its area is 68 thousand square meters, population is 3777,8 thousand. In Republic of Tatarstan there are 43 administrative areas, 20 cities, 21 settlements of an urban type, 3121 villages.
The settling by the human being of the territory which now is included in structure of Republic of Tatarstan, concerns to the period of early the Palaeolithic age.

Kazan, an ancient city on Volga river

There are numerous monuments of stone and bronze centuries concerning to different archaeological cultures. Since IV century the territory was occupied by tribes. In VI-VIII centuries it the area the increase of Turkish population close connected on culture with Turkish realm and Great Bulgaria is marked. At IX-X centuries Bulgarians have created on the Middle Volga region a first early-feudal state - Volzhskaya Bulgaria. After a declaration in 922 the Islam as state religion the spiritual life of the people developed under the influence of Moslem culture. After conquest of Volzhskaya Bulgaria by armies of Batyi (1236-37) the territory was included in structure of Gold Horde. In first half of XV century in the territory was formed a Kazan khanate, which population has inherited the ethno-cultural traditions of Volzhskaya Bulgaria and Gold Horde. In Kazan khanate a nation of Volga-Ural Tatars was finally generated. The long struggle between Russian State and Kazan khanate for domination on the Volga trade ways and in the Volga-Ural region was finished by fall of Kazan khanate and its connection in 1552 to Russian state. The management of the region was handed to the Order of Kazan palace. In 1708 the Kazan province was formed, including all Middle Povolzhye and Western Ural. On May 27, 1920 the Tatar Independent Soviet Socialist Republic (TASSR) in structure of RSFSR was founded. On August 30, 1990 the Supreme Body of TASSR has changed the status of republic and has accepted the Declaration on the state sovereignty of Tatarstan. On March 21, 1992 republican referendum determined the state status of Republic of Tatarstan.

Spasskaya Tower of Kazan Kremlin

In November 1992 the Constitution of Republic of Tatarstan was accepted.
Kazan - capital of Republic of Tatarstan (area of 287,8 sq.m., population 1094,4 thousand, including Tatars - 40,5%, Russians - 54,7%). According to newest archeological data Kazan has arisen on confines of X-XI centuries as trade and defensive station on northern boundary of Volzhskaya Bulgaria.

Freedom Square and Government House

In XIII-XIV centuries - center of principality, since 1438 - the capital of Kazan khanate. In 1552 it was won by Ivan the IV and connected to Russian state. In 1708 - 1920 - the center of Kazan province. Since May 27, 1920 - the capital of TASSR. Since February 7, 1992 - the capital of Republic of Tatarstan.

3.The project began in January, 2000. Conclusion of the contract about cooperation of the Committee for Protection of Human Rights in Tatarstan and Kazan State Technical University made a first step. Public organization "the Committee for Protection of Human Rights in Tatarstan" has undertaken a general management of the project, informational maintenance of the project, organization of an informational center of noncommercial organizations of Kazan. The Kazan State Technical University provides all technical part of realization of the project. Then within the framework of the project the contracts with the most active participants of the project - various public organizations were made. Subsequently to participation in the project private persons were connected.

4. Brief representation of the employees of the project:

Kommittee Staff

  • Dmitry Vokhmianin - chairman of the Committee for Protection of the Human Rights in Tatarstan, director of the project.

  • He was born on August 25, 1966, has ended the Kazan State Technological University, he is the member of Union of the journalists of Russian Federation, became one of the authors of "the Offers of the Committee for Protection of Human Rights in Tatarstan under the concept of legal reform in the Republic of Tatarstan", actively acts for introduction of institute ombudsman in Tatarstan, author of the project "Rules about a commission under the human rights at the President of the Republic of Tatarstan", author of the majority of the projects of the Committee for Protection of Human Rights in Tatarstan, which have received support by the funds "Eurasia" (USA), Institute "Open society" (USA), "National Endowment of Democracy" (USA), Council of Europe, Democratic program "Tacis" of the European Union, author of a number of the books and more than 30 publications under the human rights and problems of development of non-governmental organizations in Russia, since 1996 - chairman of the Committee for Protection of Human Rights in Tatarstan.

    Dmitriy Vokhmyanin, Project Director

  • Voltchenko Tatiana - conducting expert of informational technologies of the Committee in Protection of the Human Rights in Tatarstan, chief of marketing research, technical director of the project.

  • She has finished the Kazan State Technical University, faculty of Technical Cybernetics and Computer science, expert in the field of the automated and informational control systems. The expert in management and marketing in the field of the computing equipment. In 1996-1998 she was a post graduate school in the Kazan branch of Moscow Economic University on a speciality: strategic management of activity of the enterprises. Since October 1998 works as the conducting expert of informational technologies of the Committee for Protection of the Human Rights in Tatarstan. The author and developer of the following sites: http://www.intechbank.ru, http://www.intechbank.ru/tatarstan/, http://www.tol.ru, http://www.tatarstan.ru, http://www.intechbank.ru/tatarstan/hike/,
    http:// www.vk.melt.ru, http://vdv.melt.ru, http://www.intechbank.ru, http://votak.tol.ru, http://humrights.mi.ru.
    The winner 2 premiums on the best student's work of year among the students of Russian Federation "Ethics of "Homo-Soveticus" and spirit of the market relations" and "Electromagnetic radiations in thin non-uniform dielectrical environments", Winner of the scholarship of the President of Russia, 1-st place in Competition of Web-pages in Republic of Tatarstan http://www.intechbank.ru/tatarstan/

    Dmitiy Vokhmyanin and Tatiana Volchenko

  • Bulatov Rashid - vice-chairman of the Committee for Protection of Human Rights in Tatarstan. The lawyer-analyst.

  • He has finished a faculty of law of the Kazan State University, the candidate of philosophy, was awarded with an Award of Courage, worked as the scientific employee, senior lecturer.
  •  Chikov Pavel - lawyer-adviser of the Committee for protection of the human rights in Tatarstan. The expert in communications with noncommercial public organizations.

  • He has finished a faculty of law of the Kazan State University, worked in the projects of Organization, carries out free-of-charge legal consultation of the citizens. The author of 10 publications on the human rights and international law.
  •  Kiselyev Sergei - programmer of the Committee for Protection of the Human rights in Tatarstan. The manager.

  • He has finished the Kazan State Technical University, faculty of Technical Cybernetics and Computer science, expert in the field of the Automated and informational control systems.
  • Khamzin Aidar - scientific chief of the Internet-center of the Kazan State Technical University. The chief of a telecommunication service of the project

  • He has finished the Kazan State Technical University, candidate of engineering sciences, director of the Internet-center of the Kazan State Technical University.
  • Krasilnikov Oleg - project-manager of the Intranet-Internet of a network of Kazan State Technical University.

  • He has finished the Kazan State Technical University, faculty of Technical Cybernetics and Computer science, master of engineering and technologies, network technologies. He has worked as the manager of Intranet of the network of Kazan State Technical University. Now: the project-manager of the Intranet-Internet of a network of the Kazan State Technical University. The author of the projects: master dissertation "the Network of Kazan State Technical University" http://internet.kai.ru

5. For the first time in Kazan a server "the Kazan Civil network" was created and was started. It is working with the realized system of the role account of the visitors, program of online-formation of news line of cooperating organizations, online-change of clauses of any unit of the site for the manager and in the solved sections for the users (this part in a stage of development). This server has given an opportunity to public and other organizations of Kazan to distribute free, to receive, to exchange the information on activity of the most various sectors of a society. Monitoring of the legislation of the Republic of Tatarstan in sphere of NGO development for the first time was carried out. NGOs have received an easy approach to results of this monitoring. Besides, NGOs have had an opportunity to advertise a public about the work by means of the Internet, the project has allowed to create a system of informational interaction and training of NGOs. Opening the public centers of an easy approach to the Internet became not less important. In many respects, the project allows to overcome informational dissociation and illiteracy of NGOs of Kazan. For this purpose were organized: an educational seminar on problems of NGOs development, working meetings of the NGOs-participants of the project, presentation. Constantly employees of the project cooperate with NGOs, any other interested persons.
Now in the project the following organizations actively work:

1. Public youth organization "Management of the future" (E.Dityatkina)
2. Public organization "Chernobyl" (G.Zhilyayev)
3. Independent commission for the rights of the women (A.Nasirova)
4. Legal clinic of the Tatar institute of assistance to business (T. Kurdyukova)
5. Psychological society of Tatarstan (R. Gabdreyev)
6. Association of NGOs of national republics of Russian Federation (S. Knyazkin)
7. Institute of history of the Tatarstan Academy of sciences (R. Khakimov)
8. Faculty of constitutional and international law of the Kazan State University (R. Valeyev)
9. Center of endosurgery training and plastic surgery (Chief: A. Fedorov, +7 (8432) 38-22-94 address: 420080, Kazan, p.o. 123)
10. Club of acquaintances "Silver rain" (Chief: V.Mikhailov, +7 (8432) 92-61-77 address: the Kirov lane, 14, office 1)
11. Charitable fund "Messia" (D.Maryashova)
12. Public charitable fund "Kovtcheg" (T.Borisova)
13. Public organization of the engineers-builders (R.Tagirov)
14. Public organization "Airat"
15. Initiative group "News of Kazan" (G. Kazakov)

As a result of the done work the idea of creation of independent institute of protection of the rights of the Internet users was born, above development of which rule the participants of the project now work. The project helps the development not only NGOs, but also as a whole, distribution of the information about Republic of Tatarstan, about Kazan. Also project assists in successful realization of other projects of state and not state organizations. For example, the project has assisted in distribution of the information about the project of an independent commission on protection of the rights of the women, of youth and young families "Rescue and keep", maintained by the Canadian fund (Embassy of Canada), within the framework of which the equipment (cost 10 thousand Canadian Dollars) to the children's shelter at Raif monastery was given. The employees of the project accepted active participation in organization of a seminar and distribution of the information about a seminar on problems of NGO development in Kazan and Tatarstan. Now project renders a significant assistance of administration of Kazan in distribution of the information about 2000 anniversary of capital of republic and is engaged in attraction of NGOs for participation in the program of organization of this anniversary. As a whole the project helps to find and to keep the ties of NGOs, mass media, bodies of state authority.

Dmitry Vokhmianin,

e-mail : cnk@kai.ru

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