The Evaluation of Samara Civic Network Project Activity,

1. How many public access points (PAP) were opened? Show please their location (libraries, institutes), addresses and names of people, who are responsible for the operation of each point.

  • The access point of Samara State Technical University (SSTU).

  • Address: Molodogvardeyskaya str., 244, off 207, 443010, Samara
    Responsible person: Sergey Dudkin
    Number of working places - 10
    Working hours: 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. on weekdays
  • The access point on the basis of Historical-eco-cultural Association “Povolzje” (further HECA).

  • Address: Leninskaya str. 137, 443041, Samara
    Responsible person: Sergey Agapov
    Number of working places - 5
    Working hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. from Tuesday till Saturday

    These centres work as public access points (for specified groups)

  • Youth Socialisation Centre (the club of vocational training schools).

  • Address: Kujbyshev str. 131, 443010, Samara
    Responsible person: A. V. Liventsev
    Working hours: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. on weekdays
    Number of working places - 1

    This access point works for the specific group of child and youth organisations and club-houses
    E-mail: csm@sstu.

  • The federation of child organisations of Samara region

  • Address: Leninskaja str. 154, 443041, Samara
    Responsible person: M. Fedin
    Working hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. on weekdays
    Number of working places - 1

    This access point works for the specific group of child organisations.

  • Samara Union of Youth

  • Address: Leninskaja str. 137, 443041, Samara
    Responsible person: A. Ledovskih.
    Working hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. on weekdays
    Number of working places - 2

    This access point works for the specific group of youth organizations belonging to Samara Union of Youth E-mail:

  • Samara Technical Lyceum attached to SSTU.

  • Address: Rabochaja str. 19, Samara
    Responsible person: I.U. Pavlova.
    Working hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. on weekdays
    Number of working places - 1

    This access point works for the specific group of students of Lyceum E-mail:, URL:

2. How many PAPs will be open in the nearest 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

In nearest future the existing centres will be developed.

3. Was the technical support group formed during the project activity? How many people are included in this group? What kind of technical support is provided? In what way the access to Internet is provided? (Detailed comments are preferable).

During the project activity SSTU technical support group and HECA one were formed.

SSTU technical support group:

  • System administrator is responsible for work with users' work in Net. System administrator consults users for net access, homepage composing, e-mail, etc. Mainly users contact administrator through phone, rarely by e-mail. These two channels solve 80 % of problems. If it is necessary the consultant could travel directly to the access point for the consultation.
  • Operator controls the users' work. If administrator can't solve a problem by phone, He goes to the access point and co-ordinates his activity with system administrator by telephone.
HECA “Povolzje” technical support group consists of volunteers.

The group staff consists of system administrator, Web-consultant, Web-designer, database specialist. The following works are supported: hardware mounting, dial-up connection, homepages creation, consultation on e-mail, work with databases, software consulting. Both on-site and phone (8462 332508) consultations are realised.

What is the technology of net access?

The nod of remote access functions on the basis of telecommunication equipment acquired on the grant fund: remote access server CISCO-2509 and modems USR Courier. They accomplished the connection of the civic network through the dial-up lines. Both Civic network access and Internet one are provided by this way. Recently 8 phone numbers are used for connection.

The University staff provides the regular work of the Internet class, consults users on the current questions about Net.

Technically the SCN access is provided through 8 phone lines for users' connection (the maximal capability of each line is 33.6 Kb/sec). The common channel for Internet connection is of 160 Kb/sec. The opto-fibre line of 2-4 Mb/sec is planned to be installed in nearest 2-3 months.

4. Make the table of the places and ways the fund "Friends and Partners" grant equipment is used. Comment the every item of the list.
N Equipment name 
The place of using 
1 Server Sun SPARCS Station ULTRA5 
Is used as a Web-server, mail and file one. 
2 Cisco 2509 
Is used as a router unit for the modems. 
3 Modem US Robotics Courier 
Is used for providing of the SCN access through the commuting connections by telephone for users. 
3 Computer P233/16/2G
Working places of the administrator and Web-master. 
4 Scanner Umax 
Treatment of the graphic images for Web server. 
Current number 
Planned number 
The kind of the SCN access
Number of access points
Own connection 
  • Child and youth 
12 1 6 6
  • disabled people , association 
6   5 1
  • Sport 
6 1 4 2
  • Social security
9   4 5
  • Medicine 
7   4 3
  • Culture 
14   10 4
Associations of amateurs  4   2 2
  • science 
2     2
  • trade unions
1     1
  • charitable
2     2
  • ecology
3   2 1
  • juridical
2   1 1
  • region development 
2   1 1
Human rights  1   1  
cultural and public-service institutions
  • libraries
  • museums
2     2
  • the others (show)
Educational institutions 
  • schools (Lyceums, gymnasia)
3   1 2
  • Higher education institution 
5   4 1
  • additional education 
1     1
The government organizations
  • organisations of public health service
  • police
1   1  
  • the others (show)
private sector        
  • small-scale business
  • bigness
  • the others (show)
Mass media  1     1
  • telephone companies 
  • telecommunicational companies
  • the others (show)
Local administration 
  • district authorities 
1   1  
  • city ausorities 
1   1  
  • the others (regional administration )
1   1  
woman's organisations  2   2  
Private persons  8   8  
Total  97 2 59 38

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