1. How many public access points (PAP) were opened? Show please their location, addresses and names of people, who are responsible for the operation of each point.

Now the OCN has 3 working PAP or Public Access Centers (PAC):


Open: weekdays – 9AM – 10PM
weekend – 10AM – 10PM
Phone (08439) 9-86-02.
Senior Administrator – Yuliya Dyaguileva.

Social Waiting Room of Obninsk City Administration

Open: weekdays – 8AM – 5PM Lunch time 1PM – 2PM
Phone (08439) 5-84-54
Person in charge – Marina Ivchenko

City Youth Cultural Center

Open: weekdays – 10AM – 7PM Lunch time 1PM – 2PM
Phone (08439) 3-93-21
Person in charge – Alexander Filippov

2. How many PAPs will be open in the nearest 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

  • Before the end of 2000 a new PAP will start working in the city Center of Scientific-Technical and Aesthetical Education of Pupils (“Eureka”). The PAP will be oriented for working with students and pupils.
  • In 2001 we plan to organize 2-3 PAP in the city libraries (the Central library, the Affiliate ¹1, the Humanitarian library in the House of Scientists) – to do that it is necessary to solve problems of supplying the libraries with computers and connecting them to Internet.
3. Was the technical support group formed during the project activity? How many people are included in this group? What kind of technical support is provided? In what way the access to Internet is provided? (Detailed comments are preferable).

The technical support group consists of 4 experts: system administrator of the Internet server, system administrator of PAC computers, consultant on dial-up connection, Web master of the OCN WEB site.

Duties: administration of the OCN servers (WEB, mail, proxy, dial-up) functioning, support of the working conditions of the PACs computers, consultations to clients on connection to Internet, consultations for developers of Internet resources of the OCN.

Besides 5 administrators of the OCN PACs (3 in OK_Club and 2 in other PACs) provide consultations for the PACs clients on various issues of access to OCN and Internet resources.

The access to the OCN resources is accomplished via Internet. Any person who has Internet connection can use the OCN resources.

Connection to the OCN for Obninsk residents and not-for-profit organizations is possible by two methods:

  • In PACs (see 1),
  • Connecting to the OCN server via commutable telephone (dial-up) – to do this it is necessary to address to OK_Club.
Connection to the OCN in PACs is possible under the following conditions: À) Ñ type connection – 1 hour/day is free for any Obninsk residents and non-profits to have access to any site of the OCN and Obninsk sites.

Á) K type connection – 14 hours/month is free for OK_Club members. If the time limit is exceeded they pay 6ruble/extra hour. In the framework of the OCN project the collective membership in OK_Club is free for Obninsk non-profits, residents should pay 300 rubles of entering fee and 250 rubles/year to be the Club member (this amount can be “paid” as volunteer labor).

It is announced that any Obninsk resident and any not-for-profit organization can use the following free services of the OCN:
  • To get E-mail address,
  • To put their Internet pages on WEB site http://civnet.obninsk.org,
  • To order the development of Internet page to the OCN volunteers.
4. Describe where and how do you use the equipment, received from “Friends and Partners” Foundation (comment please the using of each item from equipment list)


Name of equipment Place of use Comments
1 NetServer LC-3 PIII / 500-512K / 128 MB / 9.1GB HDD/ SVGA / 17" TV / ÎÑ Linux RedHat Intranet-Internet Center of OK_Club (2I Center) OCN Internet server. For work of HTTP, FTP, and SMTP servers and proxy server
2 HP Vectra VEI8 PIII / 500 64 MB 8,4GB / 32xCD / Sound / SVGA / 15"TV / W'95 Public Access Center of OK_Club Used as computer of PAC administrator. Connected with scanner.
3 HP Vectra VEI8 PIII / 500 64 MB 8,4GB / 32xCD / Sound / SVGA / 15"TV / W'95 Training Center of OK_Club Used by developers of WEB resources and also used for training process and presentations in together with multimedia projector.
4 Scanner Agfa Duoscan T1200 600x1200 dpi, SCSI Controller Public Access Center of OK_Club Used for development of Internet pages and for serving PAC clients.
5 3 COM Total Control HiPer Access

System Hub & Router Card 

2I Center of OK_Club It is equipped (by OK_Club) with 2 modems (2 õ 4 US Robotics) and provides dial-up access to OCN. 

5. How many organizations have an access to the Internet and local Civic Network?


Present Prospective


Type of access

to your net

  number in the nearest


public access





- libraries

- museums

- organizations for region development

- other (specify)






up to 10

up to 20






Education Organizations

- schools

- universities

- other (specify)



up to 18 (with vocational schools)




Government Organizations

- health service

- police











Private Sector of Economy

- small business

- large business

- other (specify)

3 up to 15   3
- Mass Media

- telephone companies

- telecommunication co.

- other (specify)



5   2


Local Administration

- region government

- city government

- other (specify)




Women Organizations        
Private persons 136 200-300 50 86
Total: 166   53 113

6. The possible funding sources are listed below. Mark off all possible ways of funding and organizations that take part in support of your project.
Organizations Size of Funding Prospective Size

of Funding



NGO 0 0  
Government 0 About $50 000*  
Local Administration 0 0  
Grants $15 100 and equipment $30 000 42%
Own funds $20 000 $30 000 55%
Payment for Services $360 $1500 1%
Private Donations $720 $1500 2%

*Indirect funding via the City Computer Network according to the Program of Obninsk Development as Science City.

7. What is the present state (activity) of your project? (Your comments - about 1 page)

By October 1, 2000 all hardware and software resources of the OCN are fully developed. The period of experimental exploitation of the network is over.

Now the OCN provides the following services and resources for Obninsk not-for-profit organizations and city residents:

  • Development of Internet pages with the help from a team of volunteers working under the OK_Club (PicArt Studio).
  • Free placement of Internet pages on the OCN site.
  • Free E-mail address.
  • Free access to Internet sites of Obninsk, sites of civic networks in Russia and other countries – at 3 PACs (see 3) and by mean of commutable telephone via modem – 1 hour/day.
  • Paid access to other Internet resources in OK_Club Internet cafe – 10rubles/hour.
  • Privileged access to Internet for OK_Club members – 14 hours/month for free, extra hours - 6 rubles/hour.
  • Free training courses "Fundamentals of Internet"
    • For non-profits – in OK_Club
    • For municipal officials - in Obninsk City Information Center (OCIC)
Since October 2000 we launched advertising company for the OCN in local media. The company will be crowned with a solemn opening of the OCN in November.

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