Monthly Reports

Obninsk Civic Networking
July, 2000

1. Since June 30 (when dial-up was launched) 50 individuals and 8 organizations have been connected.
2. A questionnaire has been developed for Public Access Centers' visitors (attached). All filled in forms will be included in a database and analyzed. The result of analysis will be published in Internet.
3. Volunteers - programmers developed a site-portal of Obninsk media The portal has links to Obninsk media sites. Local media that so far have no sites of their own can now put electronic versions of their issues. By now all Obninsk media included in the portal.
4. An agreement has been achieved about development of WEB sites for 5 not-for-profit organizations. Volunteers-programmers started working on that task.

Yuri Koftan,

Supplement A
of Public Access Center visitor
(these data will be used for improvement of quality of services of Obninsk Civic Network)

Your age (years)
1. 12-15
2. 16-21
3. 22-30
4. 31-45
5. 46-60
6. older than 61

1. incomplete secondary
2. secondary
3 incomplete higher
4 higher
5 other ______________

Main Occupation
1 Student (school, institution)
2 Work at state or municipal establishment
3 Work at private company
4 Unemployed
5 Other _________________

Volunteer activity (work in different organizations of the third sector)
1 Is not engaged in social activity
2 Participate rarely
3 Participate regularly
4 Member of an organization of the third sector. Please write down the name of your organization ___________________________________
5 Other _________________

Place of Permanent Residence
1. Obninsk
2. Kaluga region (accept for Obninsk)
3. Other region of Russia
4 Resident of foreign country

How Often Do You Browse the INTERNET?
1. Less than once a week
2. More than 3 times a week
3. More than once a day

Have You Got a Computer at Home?
2 NO

Does Your Main Occupation Include Work with a Computer?
1. YES
2. NO

How Much Time You Spend Working with a Computer?
1 Less than 1 hour a day
4 From 1 to 2 hours a day
4 From 2 to 3 hours a day
5 More than 3 hours a day

You Come to Public Access Center Because:
1 It is the most convenient way of Internet access for you
2 It is the closest point where you can get Internet access
3 You don't want to pay for access to information about city issues
4 Other _________________

You Will Use Information from Public Access Center for:
1 Discussion of city problems
2 To satisfy your intellectual curiosity
3 To find information for your main occupation
4 For self-education
5 To participate in a social project
6 Other _________________

THANK YOU for cooperation!

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