Monthly Reports

Obninsk Civic Network
November, 2000

1. The site has now the forum section. For the first time it has a discussion about the section itself.
2. The Resources section is divided into thematic subsections and included a number of new resources:

  • The site of Obninsk regional center of Internet Commerce (Business subsection),
  • New subsections: Russian Civic Networks and Personal Pages came into being,
  • The subsection Culture has now a new site of volunteer team of the Rakhovs "The Inner World" of the city. Besides the first versions of new sites are represented: "Multimedia Almanac", "Russian Hymns", and "Decorative needlework". This sites will be developed soon,
  • The subsection "Not-for-profit Organizations" included a site of not-for-profit partnership "Community" and new OCN participants: environmental group "Tracker" and the Center of Professional Orientation,
  • The subsection Mass Media included a site of a student newspaper of the Obninsk Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering "Atomokhod",
  • A new subsection Sport came into being with two resources: Obninsk Soccer Club and the City Sporting Site.
The project volunteer team develops now a number of new sites for not-for-profit organizations.
3. A special issue of the "Light in Internet" newspaper is prepared to the solemn opening of the OCN to be held on December 4, 2000. The issue will be dedicated completely to the OCN. This newspaper (see Mass Media subsection) is itself one of the OCN projects - it appeared due to an initiative of the students of the Obninsk Institute of Nuclear power Engineering supported by the OCN members: Maxnet Systems, OK_Club, and OCIC.
4. In November 2000 The Obninsk City Fund of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian Youth performed activities on the information filling of the site "Our city Obninsk is Naukograd". Got a lot of new information on the order of funding projects in the framework of the Program of Obninsk Development as Naukograd. Besides 3 public opinion polls on issues of local economic development were carried out via Internet. The number of participants of the polls increased: in spring the average number of participants was 10-15, in fall - 50-80.
5. Obninsk City Information Center and the "Municipal Informatics" (the Consortium members) launched training courses "Fundamentals of Internet" for municipal officials (see Supplement).
6. Not-for-profit partnership "Community (the Consortium member) put into exploitation its site contained the materials of the "Leadership-Obninsk" program realized under the support from the Eurasia Foundation and the materials of a manual for a civic leader.


The list of officials of Obninsk City Administration - participants of training courses "Fundamentals of Internet".

I group / November 13 -November 20 /:
(trainer Yu. Astapov)
1.Gulyamza Ismaguilova - Inspector, Administrative Department.
2.Olga Ilyina - Assistant of the Chief Accountant, Accounting Records Department.
3.Lyudmila Grishechkina - Accountant, Accounting Records Department. 4.Svetlana Mikheikina - Accountant, Accounting Records Department.
5.Natlya Krasikova - Specialist, Conjuncture and Prices Department.

II group / November 21 -November 28 /:
(trainer Yu. Astapov)
1.Lyubov Belyakova - Chief Specialist, Administrative Department.
2.Lyubov Miroshnichenko - Accountant, Accounting Records Department. 3.Tatyana Trifonova - Accountant, Accounting Records Department
4.Natalya Chernysh - Director, Department of Economic Forecasting and Development of the City.
5.Nadezhda Medvedeva - Specialist, Conjuncture and Prices Department.

III group / November 29 -December 6 /:
(trainer Yu. Astapov)
1.Alla Bekaryukova - Specialist, Housing Department.
2.Elena Maksimova - Specialist, Housing Department.
3.Elena Ershova - Specialist, Housing Department.
4.Galina Rastegaeva - Engineer, Committee on Construction, Transportation, and Communication.
5.Valentina Nikitina - Director, Trade and Catering Department.
6.Nadezhda Tonkikh - Chief Specialist, Trade and Catering Department.

IV group / December 7 -December 19 /:
(trainer Yu. Astapov)
1.Svetlana Pomeshchikova - Director, Housing Department.
2.Larisa Mironova - Housing Department.
3.Elena Samborskaya - Housing Department.
4.Igor Rakosey - Director, Department of State Registration and Support of Entrepreneurs.
5.Irina Detsina - Assistant Director, Department of State Registration and Support of Entrepreneurs.

V group / December 20 -December 27 /:
(trainer Yu. Astapov)
1.Anna Krasikova - Chief Specialist, Control Department.
2.Ivan Litvinov - Specialist, Control Department.
3.Lyudmila Gvozdeva - Center Director, Department of Social Care.
4.Galina Suvorova - Assistant of Center Director, Department of Social Care.

VI group / December 6 -December 27 /:
(trainer O. Zhukova)
1.Irina Efimkova - Vice Mayor on Social Matters.

Program of the training course



Introduction to Internet: Internet, Internet Explorer: purpose, main functions, navigation in Internet.
Searching servers. Safety: main searching servers, work and safety rules.
Official WWW resources of Obninsk detailed information on:,,,
Official WWW resources of Obninsk detailed information on:,,,

Other WWW resources,,


Yuri Koftan,


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