Monthly Reports

Obninsk Civic Network
October, 2000

1. On October 25 a general meeting of the OCN members took place in OK_Club. Among the participants of the meeting there were the Consortium members who had started the OCN and representatives of the city organizations - the OCN members.
The decisions of the general meeting look as following:
1) The OCN status is an Association of Participants (not-for-profit organization) without the formation of a legal entity. The supreme body of the Association is the General Meeting of the OCN participants. The entry to the OCN and the membership is free. The base organization of the OCN is the OK_Club.
2) The OCN Board of Directors is elected:
- Gennady Artemyev,
- Sergei Astapov,
- Oleg Denisenko,
- Yurii Koftan,
- Victor Latynov,
- Dmitry Rodin,
- Pavel Sokolovsky.
3) The Chairman of the OCN Board of Directors is Yurii Koftan (President of OK_Club)
4) The OCN Committees are established:
- Committee on Information Resources - Sergey Astapov
- Committee on Volunteer Activity - Oleg Denisenko
- Committee on Training - Dmitry Rodin
- Technical Committee - Yurii Koftan
5) To carry out in the beginning of December (approximately, December 5) the solemn opening-presentation of the OCN. To invite the city authorities, representatives of R&D institutions, Union of Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the Ford Foundation and Friends & Partners, representatives of the city not-for-profit organizations.

2. A new site is created and included to the OCN. The site contains materials of the Leadership - Obninsk program carried out by not-for-profit partnership "Community". (

3. Head of the "Friends & Partners", Russia natlia Bulashova visited Obninsk to see the results of the first year of the OCN project.

4. On October 10 Mrs. Nancy Coan - representative of the Washington, D.C. Office of IREX visited Obninsk. During her stay in the city Mrs. Coan visited the OK_Club to know about the OCN project, its results and its influence to the community development.

Yuri Koftan,

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