Quarterly Reports

Obninsk Civic Networking
3-d Quarter, 2000

1. Name of Project Director
    Yurii R. Koftan

2. Title of Proposal
     “Obninsk Civic Network”

3. Report period
    July-September, 2000

4. Names of individuals and institutions participating in the project or intending to participate directly or to support the project with additional funds.

  • Not-for-Profit Partnership “Obninsk Computer Club”,
  • Obninsk City Administration,
  • JSC “Obninsk City Information Center”,
  • “Maxnet Systems”, Ltd.
  • Not-for-Profit Partnership “Community”,
  • Not-for-Profit Partnership “Municipal Informatics”,
  • Obninsk City Fund of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian Youth,
  • International Academy of Modern Knowledge.
5. Project Goal and Objectives

    Development of Obninsk Civic Network

6. Achievements during report period:
a) useful meetings and contacts:

  • In the framework of the project “Obninsk-Oak Ridge: Volunteer Based Model for Non-Governmental Social Programs” (executed by not-for-profit fund “Our Children” under the support from IREX/USAID – SPAN Program) the OCN members met with Oak Ridge team visited Obninsk in September. The discussion resulted in a decision to establish a Coordination center of volunteer activity in Obninsk by the end of 2000.
b) outcomes of activities performed in Obninsk or other places:
  • The OCN organizational-technical structure is completed. All planned OCN centers: Information-Methodical Center, Telecommunication Center, and 3 Public Access Centers (PAC) are established and started working.
  • All PAC give questionnaires to their clients to be filled in. The analyzed answers will be used for further development of OCN.
  • The OCN has now new site – portal of local media - allsmi.civnet.obninsk.org
  • The number of the OCN users become 166 (30 corporate users and 136 individuals). 103 users (86 of them are individuals) have dial up connection.
  • The number of web site hits in September – 266, number of page-to-page transitions – 9659 ( average 35 transitions during one visit).
  • Local newspaper “Chas Pik – Region” (OCN participant) got a grant from Soros Foundation to connect the newspaper to Internet and to develop its own WEB site.
  • The OCN members – youth not-for-profit organization “Intelligence of the Future” and OK_Club announced Russian Open Competition “Computer – XXI Century” in the framework of the federal scientific and educational program “Youth, Science, Culture”. The announcement and all materials related to the competition are accessible on www.okclub.org
  • Two groups of non-profits’ members were trained in the “Fundamentals of Internet” program:
  • 5 members of the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children and Youth “Trust”.
  • 5 individuals from not-for-profit partnership “Community” in the framework of “Leadership – Obninsk” program.
c) results of implementation of goals and objectives:
  • The OCN Information-Methodical Center (in OK_Club) provides consultations on the OCN, Internet, and information technologies since 9AM till 10PM. The service is free for not-for-profit organizations.
  • 3 Public Access Centers works now in:
  • OK_Club
  • Social waiting room of Obninsk City Administration
  • City Youth Cultural Center
  • d) training process and number of trained individuals:
    • Ten representatives of not-for-profit organizations have been trained.
    7. Brief description of activity proposed for implementation for the next reported period
    • The general meeting of the OCN members is planned for October to approve the decision of the Organizing Committee.
    • The solemn opening of the OCN is planned for late November – early December.
    • Seven to eight new sites for non-profits will be developed by the end of October.
    • Creation of “Open Power” WEB site to include complete information on Obninsk budget.
    • Training for OCN users (3 workshops in November for municipal officials; series of workshops for non-profits since September).

    Yuri Koftan
    PI of OCN
    e-mail: koftan@okclub.org

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