Quarterly Reports

Obninsk Civic Networking
2-nd Quarter, 2000

1. Name of principal investigator.
Yurii R. Koftan

2. Title of proposal.
"Obninsk Civic Network"

3. Report period (time period covered by report).
April - June 2000

4. Names and institutions of collaborators, if any (US and/or Russia).

  • Obninsk Computer Club,
  • Obninsk City Administration,
  • Obninsk City Information Center,
  • "Maxnet Systems",
  • "Community",
  • "Municipal Informatics",
  • Obninsk City Fund of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian,
  • International Academy of Modern Knowledge.
5. Purpose and objectives of proposal
Development of Obninsk Civic Network

6. Accomplishments during report period :
a. meetings and communications pertaining to output (with full address):

  • End of March - beginning of April. Meeting with Mr. Howard Kerr - employee of Oak Ridge National Lab and member of the Parliament of Tennessee. During the negotiations with specialists of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering and OK_Club an agreement was achieved on joint coordinated activity to include Obninsk in the MirNet program and to conduct remote experiments on unique research installations in ORNL and IPPE. Mr. Kerr took upon himself an obligation to send a letter from ORNL with an offer about joint research activity. However, we can not consider this contact to be successful as Mr. Kerr couldn't keep his promise.

b. activities in Obninsk or other locations pertaining to output (description, diagrams for technical issues) :

  • The organizational-technical structure of the OCN is implemented for 90%. Information-Methodical center and Telecommunication Center are established on premises of OK_Club and started operation.
  • Consultations for Obninsk citizens are organized. Themes: how to create information resources and how to put them in Internet; how to get free E-mail address and how to get privilege connection to Internet.
  • Russian version of OCN WEB site appeared in the beginning of June. English version - in the end of June (http://www.civnet.obninsk.org).
  • Since June 30 Obninsk citizens and not-for-profit organizations have dial-up access to the OCN resources. Multi channel access to Internet is organized via phone (08439) 94409. So far a temporary scheme works (4 channels). In close future we will have 8 channels.
  • Public Access Centers are organized in OK_Club, social waiting room of Obninsk City Administration, City Youth Cultural Center. Public Access center in the "Eureka" Center was connected to Internet. Because of some organizational problems it will start working with schoolchildren since September 2000.
  • A team of volunteer programmers created Internet pages for 5 not-for-profit organizations.
c. progress towards achieving purpose and objectives :
  • OCN Information-Methodical Center provides consultations on OCN issues, Internet, information technologies since 11AM till 8PM. The service is free for not-for-profit organizations.
  • Public Access Centers
    • OK_Club
      Open: weekdays - 9AM - 10PM
      weekend - 10AM - 10PM
      Phone (08439) 9-86-02.
      Senior Administrator - Yuliya Dyaguileva.

      social waiting room of Obninsk City Administration
      Open: weekdays - 8AM - 5PM Lunch time 1PM - 2PM
      Phone (08439) 5-84-54
      Person in charge - Marina Ivchenko

      City Youth Cultural Center
      Open: weekdays - 10AM - 7PM Lunch time 1PM - 2PM
      Phone (08439) 3-93-21
      Person in charge - Alexander Filippov

  • There are 2 Training Centers - 1 in OCIC (for municipal employees) and 1 in OK_Club (for not-for-profit organizations). Each Center has 1 classroom with 6 Pentiums in it.
  • Public Access center and training center of OK_Club have about 250 clients monthly. Twenty of them work with OCN resources for free. The others are the Club members and commercial clients.
  • 174 Obninsk residents have free E-mail addresses on server of OCN and OK_Club.
  • Since June 30 (when dial-up started operation) 10 individuals and 5 organizations were connected to internet:
    • - Rehabilitation Center "Confidence".
    • - Youth club "Rainbow" for disable children and teenagers.
    • - Obninsk City Fund of Scientific-Technical, Innovative, and Creative Activity of Russian,
    • - City school KVN league
    • - "Atomokhod" - newspaper of students and teachers of Obninsk Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering.
  • The regulations for dial-up connection were settled:
    • There are 2 types of connection
      ) C type - 1 hour a day is free for access to OCN sites and Obninsk sites for any individual and any not-for-profit organization.
      ) K type - OK_Club members have 14 hours per month. Each excessive hour costs 6 rubles. In the framework of the present project Obninsk not-for-profit organizations are invited about opportunities to join OK_Club. For citizens membership costs 300 rubles of entering fee and 250 rubles of annual fee. Instead of paying cash they can work as volunteers in OCN project.
d. training activities and number of individuals trained:
  • The curriculum of "Internet Foundation" course was developed - 18 hours (6 workshops). See Supplement 1.
  • Six representatives from not-for-profit organizations have been trained (Supplement 2). Four more groups of not-for-profit organizations' members were formed. According to their request the training process will be launched in September.

7. Activities to be conducted during the next quarterly report period (summary only).

  • Establishment of OCN Board of Directors and Committees (put off for September according recommendation of the City Administration to concord OCN structures with managing bodies to be established for the program of Obninsk Development as Naukograd).
  • Development of OCN WEB site: discussion pages and OCN newspaper.
  • Training OCN users (municipal employees - since August; not-for-profit organizations - continuation since September).
  • Creation of "Open Power" WEB site to include complete information on Obninsk budget.
  • Development of manual for civic leaders to include information on local self-governance, budget and budgetary process, participation of the third sector and citizens in local self-governance.
Supplement 1

Training Course "Fundamentals of Internet"

Concept of Internet. History. Organization and structure.
Internet services. Family of TCP/IP protocols. WWW - hypermedia system, FTP - files exchange, SMTP - electronic mail, NNTP - system of teleconferences Usenet. Other services.
Navigation in Internet - overview. MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator.
Search in Internet. Search of resources in WWW. Searching servers. Collections of Internet resources. Yellow pages. Search of resources in Usenet. Search of files (FTP)
Opportunities of connection to Internet in Obninsk and in OCN. Types of WEB sites, recommendations on the development of information Internet resources for not-for-profit and municipal organizations.

Supplement 2
List of trained employees of Not-for-Profits

1. Emina Osokina - Agency for Protection of Minor's Rights
2. Alfiya Artemyeva - Agency for Protection of Minor's Rights (Phone 43039)
3. Olga Filina - "Family" Center (Phone 66080).
4. Lyubov Protsenko - "Family" Center
5. Elena Batalova - "Family" Center
6. Natalya Latynova - Obninsk Community Foundation (Phone 30045)

Yuri Koftan,
e-mail: koftan@okclub.org

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