In this material, we have outlined how we intend, in a 5 month planning period, to research and build basic infrastructure for a strong civic networking initiative in Russia and to identify 3-4 communities in Russia in which local interest and infrastructure provide good opportunity for development of civic networking models. In a second project phase (following the planning project), we intend to build upon the work accomplished in the planning project and implement 3-4 civic networking sites in the previously identified communities - laying groundwork for a larger civic networking initiative throughout the Russian Federation. For this second phase, we will seek continued support from the Ford Foundation and from other funding agencies whose interests coincide with the broad interests and benefits of civic networking.

Our primary purpose in organizing this as a two stage process is to provide sufficient time to focus on research and development of civic networking in Russia before beginning actual implementation - maximizing our chance of success in the second stage by beginning work with a better base of knowledge, with ready technical infrastructure, and with an identified community of interested participants.

More broadly, we wish to extend the benefits of the growing Friends and Partners initiative by laying a good foundation for development of civic networks in Russia and by linking these networks to facilitate larger regional, national, and global "human networking" opportunities. We want to continue fostering increased communications and exchange between educators, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and officials, students and private citizens - within Russian communities, throughout the Russian Federation, and with citizens from other countries as well.

We hope that the rapidly growing Internet infrastructure - coupled with our own experience with and commitment to utilizing the technical infrastructure for socially beneficial purposes - will enable us to continue building better understanding, friendship and partnership between individuals and organizations in our countries.

The sun will shine into our yard too. -- (Neither the weather nor people can remain disturbed for long; the calm (sun) must follow) - Russia

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