Evaluation of Project Activity - Sergiev Posad Civic Network

1. How many public access points (PAP) were opened?

There were opened 6 PAP
2. How many PAP will be open in the nearest 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?
It is supposed to open in the nearest 3 months - 1PAP, 6 months - 2 PAP, 1 year - 4 PAP
3. Was the technical support group formed during the project activity? How many people are included in this group? What kind of technical support is provided? In what way the access to Internet is provided?
  • Dial-up
  • PPP
  • Dial-up + PPP
  • Other (please specify)
The technical group consists of 4 people, they provide the following technical support:
  • support the computer technique efficiency
  • create Web pages
3a. Describe where and how do you use the equipment, received from "Friends and Partners" Foundation (comment the using of each item from equipment list) All equipment, received from "Friends and Partners", are used in the project as following :

Equipment Using of equipment
1. Server Ultra 5 14"SVGA Monitor Web-server of Sergiev Posad Civic Networking.
2. CISCO 2509 Equipment for dial-up access to SPC Networking
3. Modem USR Robotics Courier -8 4 modems are connected to Cisco2509;
1modem is in Gorlovsky library
1 modem is in Technical College # 22
2 modems are using by NGO
4. HP Vectra VE5 233 MMX/16/ 2,1Gb
HP SVGA 15" Monitor
Workplace for the system and network administrators of the SPCN.
5. HP Vectra VE5 233 MMX/16/ 2,1Gb
HP SVGA 15" Monitor
Workplace for webmaster of SPCN.
6. Umax Powerlook II It is connected to webmaster station and is used for scanning images, required for creation of information resources.
7. UMAX UTA-II Transparency Unit It is connected to webmaster station and is used for scanning images, required for creation of information resources..

4. How many organizations have an access to the Internet and local Civic Network?

Present Number Prospective number in the nearest future Type of access to your net
public access points own connection
NGO libraries 2 2 - 4
museums 1 1 - 2
organizations for
region development
1 1 - 2
other (specify) 4
Including 1- CC*, 1- IPODRP*, 1- FSP*, 1- EM*
Including 1- CEC "Inga"*, 1- Rescue Service, 1- Monastic Hospital 1- CBC*
6 2
schools - 2 2 -
universities 1 1 - 2
other (specify) 1- Technical College # 22 1- ACDL* 2 -
health service 1

police - 1 - 1
other (specify) - 1 Health Center - 1
Private Sector of Economy small business - - - -
large business 12 10 - 22
other (specify) - - - -
Mass Media telephone companies 1 2 - 3
telecommunication co. - - - -
other (specify) Binar Ltd. Co - - 2
Local Administration region government 1 - - 1
city government - 2 - 2
other (specify) - - - -
1 - - 1 -
10 100 - - 110
37 128 10 155

CC - Chamber of Commerce
IPODRP - Interregional Public Organization of Disabled and Retired Painters
FSP - Foundation for Social Programs
EM - Ecological Movement
CEC "Inga" - Cultural Educational Center "Inga"
CBC - Cultural Business Center
ACDL - Agrotechnical College of Distance Learning
5. The possible funding sources are listed below. Mark off all possible ways of funding and organizations which take part in support of your project.

Organizations Size of Funding Prospective Size of Funding Percent Ratio
NGO 4 000 - -
Government - - -
Local Administration 6 000 6 000 24,8
Grants 45 000
10000 41,3
Own funds 10 000 5 000 20,7
Payment for Services - 1200 5,0
Payment for Services 7 000 2 000 8,2

Comments :

Local Administration plans to pay for SPCN space lease (in the building of municipal library).

Grant from "Friends and Partners" Foundation - SPCN budget advance appropriations.
Own funds - Foundation for Social Programs plans to provide developed work space, additional equipment (two computers, Xerox, scanner, fax-modem.)
Payment for services and Private donations includes the providing of telephone lines, dedicated lines, free publications in local newspapers.
Indicated funds are promised to be allocated in verbal agreement during conversation about joint collaboration in CPCN project.

6. Prepare a brief description of Grand Opening Ceremony ( by March, 27, 1999) ...Text - 1,5 -2 pages (in Russian and English); 2-3 pictures (if possible)
The material was sent earlier as separate document
7. Give the project geographical coverage (in the form of map, if possible)

  1. Separate town, town’s region
  2. Several adjoining regions
  3. Other (specify)

The city of Sergiev Posad is a regional center with several adjacent to it micro - districts.

All PAP are distributed equally around the city.

8. What is the present state(activity) of your project? (Your comments - about 1 page)

  1. Full activity (describe it)
  2. We provide all kinds of services, but for limited number of users
  3. We provide the services to everybody, but the number of services is limited
  4. Services promised by project are not realized
  5. Functionality of services are differ from those of primarily marked
We provide the limited number of services, we are not able to serve all users because of following :
  • the limited number of telephone lines in Sergiev Posad
  • the lack of computers in PAP
  • population’s low standard of knowledge about computer technologies and Internet
9. Mark off the sides of your activity which raise now (or in future) some difficulties.
Activity Directions Yes NoSometimes (in details)
Access lines +
The limited number of telephone lines
Support, upgrade, update of equipment and software +
Computer memory. Additional computer
Training of staff
Travels +
The lack of funds
Data purchased

10. The main goal of civic networking is the development of local community. To what extent objectives listed below were the aim of your civic networking? And what impact did they make upon your community? (Comments are necessary).

Objectives Project goal Main goal Not Primary goal It is not a goal of project Made a little impact
1. To improve provision of social services via Internet


2. To extend interest in local cultural activities +

3. To increase the local population's participation in political life


4. To increase the employment of local population +

5. To promote the economical development of your town, region, country +

6. To provide telecommunication services +

7. To improve the quality of health services

8. To increase the efficiency of interaction between local government and local population +

9. To promote cultural enrichment +

10. To extend educational opportunities +

11. To help coordination between regional information services +

12. To establish contacts and partnership relations with other regions

11. To what degree do local political structures and leaders support civic networking

  1. No support
  2. Insufficient support
  3. Strong support
There was no financial support, although the interest to civic networking from the side of local administration, deputies, political movement leaders grows constantly. Their purpose is to attract more people to their policy by using "feed back".

For example, M Men ( the Deputy of State Duma) and his assistants are creating now the site which will reflect the program of his political fraction.

Moscow Region Administration Head Assistant plans to form in Gorlovsky Library the Information Exchange Point by using Internet technologies.

"Otechestvo" Party pre-election headquarters is interested in civic networking too.

12. Percentage between number of users and total population in served area.
Sergiev Posad Civic Networking is now in the making and the number of users is about 0, 1 % from total amount of population.
13. What is the average educational level of user?
  1. secondary or high school - 10%
  2. some college - 70% bachelor, master degree - 20%
  3. other (specify)
14. What material is ready for submitting on F&P server (within the framework of Russian Civic Networking Project" ). (Look at requirements of project. The material was not submitted as of recently) . This material must be interesting for every participant of RCNP, it must be submitted both in Russian and English. Specify the periodicity of content updating.
The material for "Friends & Partners" server is not ready yet, but it is collected and operated on, the site is creating now.
15. Indicate your IP address for DNS database
Samara samara.friends-partners.ru

Sergiev-Posad - StPosad.friends-partners.ru -

16. The proposal of project (1999-2000)

The basic attention should be paid at :

  1. humanitarian part of project (preparing material for server)
  2. support of technical group
  3. collaboration with local organizations
  4. opening of additional PAP
  5. collaboration with local administration

New project budget will support mainly such items as :

  • salary
  • domestic travel

Show please matching funds (in monetary units) of organizations which will take part or will support your project.

The material is in progress.

Foundation for Social Programs
V. Nemov

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