Evaluation of Project Activity - Chelyabinsk Civic Network

1. How many public access points (PAP) were opened?

One. Its address is SUSU, building 3b, room 254 (87, Lenin prospekt)
2. How many PAP will be open in the nearest 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?
One more in Regional scientific library located in Chelyabinsk downtown for year.
3. Was the technical support group formed during the project activity? How many people are included in this group? What kind of technical support is provided? In what way the access to Internet is provided?
  • Dial-up
  • PPP
  • Dial-up + PPP
  • Other (please specify)
The group consists from two people:

Consultant of Internet For Everyone center: Elena Mitlosh

Everything what connected with user work in the center: answers on their questions, ways of usage of X Windows workstations, user registry, etc.
"Hot line": Andrey Sizikov
Calls, email requests, mailing list with FAQs.
He works in close working contacts with system administrators.
Access through 12 modem entries: PPP/SLIP and UUCP connections.
28.8-128 kbps dedicated lines inside of the city Infrared 10 Mbps Ethernet systems.
3a. Describe where and how do you use the equipment, received from "Friends and Partners" Foundation (comment the using of each item from equipment list) All equipment, received from "Friends and Partners", are used in the project as following :
7 US Robotics Courier modems installed on dial-in lines, one modem is fixed;
PCs are used as MS Windows 95 workstation;
UMAX scanner is a part of graphical workstation;
Ultra 5 workstation is for experiments with Web uploading technology and as system administrator workstation;
Access server Cisco 2509 is planned to use for opening second PAP.
4. How many organizations have an access to the Internet and local Civic Network?

Present Number Prospective number in the nearest future Type of access to your net
public access points own connection
NGO libraries 3 4
museums - 1
organizations for
region development

other (specify):

Social foundation "Take care of youself", Social movement "For nuclear safety", Chelyabinsk-Fribourg Society, Association of soldier mothers, Ecological movement "Techa", Youth intellectual center, Social association "Kamenny poyas"

7 15-20
schools 56 70-75
universities 7 8 10 +
other (specify):


1 +
health service 9 10
police 1 1
other (specify):

military registration & enslistment office





Private Sector of Economy small business 3 5-10
large business

other (specify):

Mass Media telephone companies

telecommunication co.

other (specify):

Local Administration region government 5 5
city government 4 5
other (specify): 8 10


7 20-25

TOTAL: 119 174197

5. The possible funding sources are listed below. Mark off all possible ways of funding and organizations which take part in support of your project.

Organizations Size of Funding * Prospective Size of
Funding ***
Percent Ratio
2,000 6,9
- -
Local Administration
4,000 13,8
Grants approx. $15,000* 10,000 34,5
Own funds approx. $9,000*** 11,000 37,9
Payment for Services
2,000 6,9
Private Donations

** Without grant received from Friends and Partners Foundation for work on the project in 1999-1999.

** In addition of the grant we used indirectly means of NATO grant - for purchasing backbone router and proxy-server. The sum is approximately $10,000. Besides some funds were received from Russian Foundation for Basic Research partly for local dedicated line payment. IREX allocated $1200 for salary of consultant of Internet For Everyone center.

*** SUSU equipped the center by 6 PCs, printer and Ethernet cards (cost is almost $9,000).

**** Reference data for 1999-2000 without next direct grant of Friends and Partners Foundation.

6. Prepare a brief description of Grand Opening Ceremony ( by March, 27, 1999) ...Text - 1,5 -2 pages (in Russian and English); 2-3 pictures (if possible)

The text was sent before
7. Give the project geographical coverage (in the form of map, if possible)

  1. Separate town, town's region
  2. Several adjoining regions
  3. Other (specify):

All districts of the city except of Metallurgichesky one because of its remoteness and low quality of telephone lines
8. What is the present state(activity) of your project? (Your comments - about 1 page)

  1. Full activity (describe it)
  2. We provide all kinds of services, but for limited number of users
  3. We provide the services to everybody, but the number of services is limited
  4. Services promised by project are not realized
  5. Functionality of services are differ from those of primarily marked
CCN project is implemented in close connection with infrastructure of regional segment of scientific-educational network FREEnet. So it uses some telecommunications and network equipment of the center in Chelyabinsk. That is why CCN users are mostly scientific, educational, budgetary and social institutions and their staff. Number of companies and individuals is very small. All of them have access via CCN only if they collaborate with the center as volunteers. In opposite case we would have passed the traffic through commercial link.

Level of network service is defined, first of all, by access to the Internet. One may say that organizations working in on-line (PPP/SLIP connections) have full set of services though, in principle, we could not provide absolutely every kind of service. You can always find couple Full of kinds that are not provided by any ISP. Therefore I stop on the following formulation: "We provide the services to everybody, but the number of services is limited". For example, 2/3 of schools has only e-mail otherwise 10 existing modem entries (four of them were launched due to the grant) would be always busy. At present necessity of dial-in lines is higher in two times.

As a whole, from my point of view, the project proves to be correct its name. There is continuous stream of visitors at our office who would like to be CCN users. Today is that time when people have real need in Internet - the need that was grown for several last years.

9. Mark off the sides of your activity which raise now (or in future) some difficulties.
Activity Directions Yes NoSometimes (in details)
Access lines +

Support, upgrade, update of equipment and software
Training of staff

We should prepared webmasters
Data purchased

There are difficulties with purchasing cheap software abroad

10. The main goal of civic networking is the development of local community. To what extent objectives listed below were the aim of your civic networking? And what impact did they make upon your community? (Comments are necessary).

Objectives Project goal Main goal Not Primary goal It is not a goal of project Made a little impact
1. To improve provision of social services via Internet


2. To extend interest in local cultural activities +

3. To increase the local population's participation in political life +

4. To increase the employment of local population

5. To promote the economical development of your town, region, country

6. To provide telecommunication services

7. To improve the quality of health services

8. To increase the efficiency of interaction between local government and local population

9. To promote cultural enrichment +

10. To extend educational opportunities +

11. To help coordination between regional information services

12. To establish contacts and partnership relations with other regions ++

During work on the project that was written in summer of 1997 and started in May 1998 its main directions were saved though some its accents were changed. So the most emphasis is made to those goals and objectives which have given practical results recently. These are: extending number of the network users, working contacts with NGO, sharing information about their activity in community, increasing law level and involving people in the city events, education and culture. The further plans will be determined by organizations - CCN members that are working and will be working on the project and its information resources.
11. To what degree do local political structures and leaders support civic networking
  1. No support
  2. Insufficient support
  3. Strong support
Insufficient support - only verbal support because of extreme insufficiency in means.
12. Percentage between number of users and total population in served area.
This quantity could be evaluate only roughly because data about students, teachers and scholars using CCN service can be collected hardly. Let's assume that every organization has 10 users of the network in average and approximately 2,000-3,000 people in universities. Then we have 3,000-4,000 users for the city of 1,100,000 population.
13. What is the average educational level of user?
  1. secondary or high school
  2. some college
  3. bachelor, master degree
  4. other (specify):
Some college and bachelor, master degree
14. What material is ready for submitting on F&P server (within the framework of Russian Civic Networking Project"). (Look at requirements of project. The material was not submitted as of recently) . This material must be interesting for every participant of RCNP, it must be submitted both in Russian and English. Specify the periodicity of content updating.
HTML guide and technical reccomendations on Web hosting maintenance and security are developed
15. Indicate your IP address for DNS database
In the beginning of 1999 we registered domain 'ccn.org.ru' (from "Chelyabinsk Civic Network") which reflects very well core of the project. Two Web servers are in the domain:

http://www.ccn.org.ru/ - common information about CCN project

http://openweb.ccn.org.ru/ - Internet For Everyone Center, Web pages of its users

16. The proposal of project (1999-2000)

The basic attention should be paid at :

  1. humanitarian part of project (preparing material for server)
  2. opening of additional PAP
  3. preparing materials for general project "Russian Civic Networks"
  4. collaboration with local administration
  5. collaboration with local organizations
  6. support of technical group
Humanitarian part of project (preparing material for server), preparing materials for general project "Russian Civic Networks", collaboration with local organizations
Show please matching funds (in monetary units) of organizations which will take part or will support your project.
Please, see upper

Dmitry Latukhin
Project leader
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