Technologies for Community Networking

The following is a listing of links to information devoted to the technologies for community networking. This is certainly not a complete listing - if you know of additional resources, please let us know.

  • CSuite Software for Community Nets *

    This multilingual product is custom built to run a sophisticated on-line community of any size. Ported to Linux, Solaris and SunOS, CSuite is scalable, allows for distributed assignment of important management functions to suitably trained volunteers, thereby reducing costs. CSuite features shortcuts such as "who's on-line now", "recently updated documents" and fully indexed searching of users' profiles and organisations' information - accessible locally and on other CSuite sites, thereby linking CSuite communities together. Included with CSuite are numerous documents that help a Community Net start up.

  • Community network use of RealAudio *

    Phil Shapiro's article Putting the Power of the Human Voice on the Web about usage of RealAudio for community networking can be found on this page

  • Community network use of RealVideo *

    Phil Shapiro's article RealVideo: Letting Community Voices and Images Be Heard and Seen about usage of RealVideo for community networks can be found on this page

  • Tech Supports for Nonprofits: A Resource Directory *

    Tech Supports is a directory of technology-related resources for nonprofits in North Carolina. On this website, one can search the directory by organization, geographic location, and type of service offered.

  • Conferencing Software

  • Causus: Innovaitive Software for Learning, Collaboration and Community-building *

    Caucus is the world's best conferencing software. It gives people spaces online where they meet as teams, learning groups, and communities to create and share knowledge, experience, ideas, and information.

  • Conferencing Software for the Web *

    A comprehensive guide to software that powers discussions on the Web: Forum Software - BBS Software - Internet & Intranet Groupware Software for Virtual Communities - Message Boards - Collaborative Workgroups. There is also a wonderful list of books and articles devoted to the problem of using conferencing software for community networking.

  • Discus *

    Discus is a free WWW discussion board software package that can be installed on a unix, Windows 95/98, or Windows NT web server. Discus allows to use ordinary web browsers to view the discussion and post messages. The versions of Discus with the user interface translated into Russian is available from this site.

  • Web-based Calendars

  • Calendars for the Web v2.0 *

    Calendars for the Web v2.0 is a authoring tool for creating dazzling Web calendars.

  • DoubleOLogic *

    This is a software company in the UK that has developed other types of software than this web calendar system. This is a unique method of displaying information in conjunction with a database.

  • ScendTek's Manana *

    A complete Web based Event/Calendar Management System. Manana provides standard calendar views, advanced event scheduling options, full searching of events, full-featured email notifications, User Access Control, Anonymous Submission Handling that includes an email based event moderation system.

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