Presentations Related to Civic Networking

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The following is a list of meetings, conferences and workshops related to civic networking and telecommunications that may be of interest to those involved in civic networking. This is certainly not a complete listing - if you know of additional resources, please let us know.

  • CivicNet'98 *

    Virtual CivicNet, a three week long conference on community and civic networking held on the World Wide Web.

  • Project CIRCE - Networking Community Information *

    Project CIRCE (Community Information Research resource) hold a workshop on January 15, 1999 devoted to the problems of local libraries participation in community networks and community information systems. Workshops presentations are available on

  • SOROS International Internet Conference Abstracts *

    Papers from Soros International Internet Conference (St. Peterburg, February, 1999) address, in Russian only, issues such as the usage of the Internet within the social sphere, and the influence of the Internet on the development of regional information infrastructure, education, medicine, and non-profit organizations. Examples of the development of regional networks and participation in these networks by governmental bodies and non-profit organizations are also examined.

  • Steve Cisler's Home Page *

    Several presentations and conference reports written by Steve Cisler can be found on this page. You can find information about Texas Community Networking Conference, Annenberg Center for Communication conference and many others

  • Telematics'99 Information System *

    The conference, held in Sankt-Peterburg, June 1999, addressed the issue of computer networking development in Russia including regional networking. The abstracts of presented papers are available on the conference web-site.

  • US - Russian Civic Networking Workshop *

    Doug Schuler's presentation for US-Russian Civic Networking Workshop in Knoxville (December, 1998) is available on this web page. His other papers, articles and presentations are also available on

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