Online Discussions of Community Networking

The following is a listing of links to listservs, online conferences and Usenet news group related to community networking. This is certainly not a complete listing - if you know of additional resources, please let us know.

  • Build-com. *

    Build-Com is a listserv established in Philadelphia by the Institute for the Study of Civic Values to build a national network of people active in community organizations, human service agencies, the private sector, and government sharing ideas and information on how we can strengthen neighborhoods and encourage civic engagement throughout the country.The searchable list archive is available at


    Communet is a discussion list related to community and civic networking. The Communet Archives are available on the web. To subscribe to Communet, send an email message to and in the body of the message include "sub communet yourfirstname yourlastname".

  • Computers for Seniors *

    ComputersForSeniors is a new, open discussion list for Senior Citizens who are interested in computers and their use on the Internet. This list is for both newcomers to the Internet community as well as seasoned users. The primary purpose is to share information, solve problems, ask and/or answer questions and help each other in any way that we can.
    To subscribe to ComputersForSeniors, send a blank email to:
    You may also subscribe at the onelist Web page:

  • Democracies Online *

    This nonprofit organization promotes "the development and sustainability of online civic participation and democracy efforts around the world through experience, outreach, and education. This is accomplished with information services such as the "Democracies Online Newswire" and descriptions of existing and projected programs. The existing programs demonstrate the use of the Internet for citizen interaction and participation in specific areas.

    To join the mailing list, send an e-mail message to
    In the body of your message, write:
    subscribe do-wire "Your Name (Place)"
    Web message archives are available.

  • NetCrank *

    The Net and the Individual: Weekly opinion on the relationship between the use and technologies of the Internet and their effects on the individual self

  • News from the Field *

    The NTIA's Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program produces this monthly on-line newsletter that updates stories from TIIAP grant recipeients from all corners of the US.

  • The Virtual Community Mailing List *

    The Virtual Community Mailing List (gna-vc) was established in 1996 as a forum for discussion and news about online life and community, the technologies that support them, ways and methods for their organization and design, and their social effects.
    To subscribe this list, see information on its web page

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