Civic Networking Resource Guides & Books

The following is a listing of resource guides and books across the Internet that deal with the many aspects of civic networking. This is certainly not a complete listing - if you know of additional resources, please let us know.


    Comprehensive Community Networking bibliography, including printed and electronic materials

  • City of Bits - Space, Place and the Infobahn *

    City of Bits introduces the new type of city being constructed by the information superhihway. Chapter 5, Sections 9 and 10 have information pertaining to Community Networks & Free-Nets. This book was written by William J. Mitchel, Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences and the Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT.

  • Community Networking *

    Complete list of community networking resources including national and interantional community network directories, community networking studies and guidelines, best community network models.

  • Community Technology Review *

    This new publication of CTCnet covers the issue of technolgy use in the local communites

  • Council on Library and Information Resources: Directory of Public Access Networks *

    As a result of a grant made by the Morino Institute in 1996, the Council on Library and Information Resources is now hosting, maintaining and updating the Institute's "Public Access Networks Directory". This current version of the directory assists those in the United States locate, research and connect with the hundreds of public access networks currently in operation.

  • Neil K. Guy's Community Networking Resources *

    A very good listing of resources dealing with various aspects of community networking. An excellent list to browse.

  • Networks in the Global Village *

    Networks in the Global Village by Barry Wellman, professor of sociology at the University of Toronto, examines how people live through personal communities: their networks of friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers. It is the first book to compare the communities of people around the world.

  • New Community Networks: Wired for Change *

    An excellent book (500+ page) about civic networking which "examines both community and technology but is more concerned about community than about technology. . . takes the position that technology is a tool that can serve humanity . .".

  • Public Space in Cyberspace *

    Public Space in Cyberspace outlines the importance of preserving a public space in the digital world. It includes profiles of innovative public libraries operating computer centers, community computer networks, cable access TV centers, and satellite TV equipment. It encourages all public library and information advocates to work together in promoting a communications network for everyone.

  • Teledemocracy: The Effects of Community Networks on Political Participation - A Resource Guide *

    Kim Gregson, a student at Indiana University, has put together a wonderful guide of community networks and their effect in increasing political participation in communities. The list contains on-line resources as well as hard copy listings. contains an annotated list of both on-line and print resources on the subject. This guide provides a large amount of scholarly papers and articles.

  • The Community Connector: Community Networks and Community Information Systems *

    This comprehensive site from the Community Networking Initiative at the University of Michigan School of Information contains sections for directories, collaboration, examples of resources available on community networks' pages, libraries with Internet access, conferences and papers, technology and information about their initiative. They also publish A Journal of current events in community networking

  • The Community Networking Handbook *

    This book by Stephen Bajjaly outlines the complete process of community networking: planning, developing partnerships, funding, marketing, content, public access, and evaluation. The web-references from this book are available on this web-site.

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