How to Use this Site

The Russian language version of this document will be available soon.

For those who are visiting this site and interested in submitting for one of the partnership grants on this project, we would like to suggest how to best utilize the information here in order to understand the concepts behind civic networking and to prepare a good application.

  1. Perhaps the best advice is to join the CivNet Russia e-mail listserver where the various people who are involved and interested in this project will discuss their questions, comments and suggestions about the project. We will very closely monitor the discussions and will be adding frequently asked questions (and answers) to the Questions and Answers section under the Community Corner.

  2. Next, please read carefully the Invitation for Partnership (IFP) to understand how this program will work and the amount of funding available for each community networking project. While this first introduction to the IFP will be helpful, it will be good to come back and re-read the IFP after studying the material found on the civic networking site.

  3. It should prove helpful to read carefully the various sections under "Project Description" to understand the history of this project, the definition and concepts behind civic networking, and more information about specific goals.

  4. To gain a deeper understanding of civic networking, it is next suggested that you visit the sites listed under "General Information" (under the section "Civic Networking Info"). These are good references and in some cases, studies, of civic networking in North America, Scandinavia, and in Europe. There are some excellent insights presented into civic networking. Also, please visit the "International Civic Network" page and learn more about some of the very strong civic networking initiatives elsewhere in the world. These should yield good ideas about what other communities are doing with civic networking.

  5. Although the "Precedents in Russia" is not finished (as of August 5, 1997) there will be information posted very soon about the historical precedents for community networking in Russia. Recognizing that the local culture and environment for community networking is different in different countries, we feel that a good understanding of the historical roots of community and community development in Russia will be important for developing civic networks in Russian communities.

  6. Finally, we feel that it may be helpful to learn more about Internet development in Russia. By visiting the various sites listed under "Russian Internet", you can learn more about telecommunication infrastructure in Russian, Internet service providers in Russia, and communities in Russia who are already represented on the Internet.
We realize we've suggested a lot of hours of research and 'browsing,' but feel that the time spent here will help give a better understanding of civic networking as it exists today and how it might be best applied in Russian communities.

Once again, the most important advice we can give is to join the CivNet Russia e-mail listserver. We will also be scheduling interactive chat sessions, which will be announced on the e-mail listserver, so that we can have some interactive discussions and some question and answer sessions.

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