. . to CIVNET-Russia - devoted to promotion and active development of civic networking within Russian communities. This project resides within the broader Friends and Partners effort, a grassroots project jointly developed by friends in the US and Russia to actively explore how the Internet can be used to help foster new exchange and understanding between different countries and cultures.

Weekly updated information about participant's activities of Second and Third Stages of RCNP Program (1999-2001)you can find on the pages, mentioned in our menu

The primary goal of the Russian Civic Networking Program (RCNP) is to cooperatively develop six (6) model civic network sites within Russia and to broadly disseminate the results and the findings of these initiatives. The initial three sites are being developed in Samara, Sergiev Posad and Chelyabinsk and now 3 new sites are now becoming operational (Voronezh, Obninsk, Kazan).

The RCNP represents a close partnership between community networking activists in Russia and the U.S. It is expected that success of these projects and a good information base describing the progress of their development will result in momentum for a broader civic networking movement within Russia and improved civic networks for participants in U.S. communities.

The support of the Ford Foundation is making possible to realize Russian Civic Networking Program in 6 cities: Chelyabinsk, Samara, Sergiev Posad, Voronezh, Obninsk, Kazan. Please see the "Second Stage of RCNP Program" for more information on this program.


The initial recipients of the earlier grant (May, 1998) are the Samara Civic Network, the Chelyabinsk Civic Network and the Sergiev-Posad Civic Network. The overall quality of the proposals was excellent, far surpassing anything that we had anticipated. You can learn more about these proposals on our Activities page.

Project History

CIVNET-Russia began on April 1, 1997, funded on a 5 month research and development grant by the Ford Foundation. The goals of this stage of the project include:
  • research historical precedents for community networking in Russia - looking to better understand the cultural roots and traditions on which to build new civic networks - of course, using modern information and communications technologies;

  • educate interested groups and individuals about the full potential of civic networks and begin to develop a dialog among a community interested in civic networking in Russia;

  • identify communities in which interest and enthusiasm for civic networking can lead to participation in the next stage (a two year implementation stage) of this project;

  • build the technical tools and software infrastructure to support construction of at least 4 civic network model sites for the implementation stage

Our main goal now is to start an exchange among the many groups and individuals who have an interest in community networking in Russia. We invite you to explore this web site, join our email listserver, and visit the new chat room where we will be sponsoring periodic discussions about civic networking. Most importantly, we hope you will share your interests, concerns, ideas, time and talents with others involved in this effort. Please write us as we begin work together!

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