Who Supports CSI

Funding for the work of Center for Civil Society International comes primarily from grants from foundations and donations from public-spirited individuals. These fall into two basic categories—project support and core support. Below we list the people and institutions that have provided either form of support to CSI over the past three years. To join one of these distinguished lists, click here to see How to Make a Pledge to CSI Online.
          Funds alone do not sustain us. We also need to know that we are providing an important service. For this reason, the occasional e-mail we receive, the comments posted to our online Guestbook, or other communications that tell us that our work is of real help—all of these mean a lot, too. To read a sampling of comments indicating why people support us, go to What People Say About CSI.
          Lastly—your comments don’t have to be compliments. Tell us if you think we're all wet. Or if you experience problems visiting our site, or if you know of ways we could be much more effective. This can be done through our Guestbook, or if you wish to communicate more privately, by sending an e-mail to us at ccsi@u.washington. edu.

Institutional Supporters
Anonymous member of the Rockefeller family
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Center for International Networking Initiatives
Central Asia Institute
Earhart Foundation
Eurasia Foundation
Foundation for Russian-American Economic Cooperation
Henry M. Jackson Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
University of Washington

CCSI Builders
Amiq Institute
Anthony Arnold
Irene Barinoff
Ron and Michelle Bemis
Allan Blackman
Robert W. Blake
Robert Bowie
Robert Cihak
R.T. Davies
Lucy Dougall
Neil and Leona Elgee
Michael and Barbara Evans
Ruth and Jack Fay
Kurt Taylor Gaubatz
Carmen Gonzalez
John Hamer
Linda and Jeremy Jaech
Robert Klein
Yale Richmond
Brad Rind and Janet Gray
Jean and Bill Rosen
Gerald Rubin
Patty Ruffin
Dana Tumenova
Daniel Waugh
Timothy Zimmer

CCSI Friends
Ralf Alleweldt
Joseph Bradley
Alan Boyle
Laurie Calhoun
Cate Cowan
Mark Deion
Barton Dominus
Ellen Dorsch
Mary Jo Duncanson
Ethel Dunn
Erika Elvander
Jennifer Greenlees
Michael Hazen
Camellia Hendrickson
Liza Hollingshead
Eric Johnson
Stephen Kerr
Tanya Konjolka
Claire Lyons
John Martinson
Kathryn McConnell
Bob Ness
Virginia Davis Nordin
Nellie Ohr
Lauren Pearl
Roger Pugh
Regine Spector
Max Stool
Lauren Szymanoski
Felisa Tibbits
Lyne Tumlinson
Carol Vesecky
Tim Vickery
Jim Voorhees
Shosh Westen


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