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Internet Resources for Eurasia, 2001 Edition This sixth edition of Internet Resources for Eurasia is the best ever, with more than 600 websites and listservs concisely described. All information about resources in the 2000 edition was checked, updated and revised, then we increased the number of annotated resources by 100 percent! Included in this edition are the best Russian search engines and online databases of NGOs. An entirely new section named Tools describes reference aids, Web-based English-Russian translators, solutions to Russian font problems, and free software that will make your website more interactive. 2001,160 pp., incl. index, paper, sixth edition, $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Available Now!
Civil Society in Central Asia This collection of essays by scholars and activists looks at some of the social and institutional developments shaping this important region's future. It matches contributions by leading specialists such as S. Frederick Starr, Olivier Roy, Aziz Niyazi, Scott Horton, Alla Kazakina, Abdumannob Polat, and Reuel Hanks with the insights of individuals who have been on the front lines of the struggle for civil society in Central Asia itself. A 75-page appendix provides a guide to many of the most significant projects being carried out by local and international NGOs in the region. July 1999, 331 pp., 6" x 9", paper, $19.95
The Post Soviet Handbook: A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources, Revised Edition.
This popular guide has been thoroughly revised and updated. August 1999, 415 pp., indexes, 6" x 9", paper, $19.95.

Tools for the Third Sector

A Glossary of Social Care Terms This unique glossary, published by UK-based BEARR Trust, provides Russian translations and explanations of terms for social service professionals and students. Includes 50 pages of excellent commentary on the terms and concepts. 1999, 116 pp., 6" x 8.25", paper, $11.95. Order directly from the BEARR Trust ,<>.  Air shipments to the U.S., add $5.00 to the price; for surface mail, add $2.50.
A Directory of Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations of St. Petersburg  Published by the Transboundary Environmental Information Agency, this English-Russian directory provides information on some 160 nongovernmental environmental organizations in St. Petersburg. The citations include addresses and contact information, as well as a brief description of each organization, their projects, and other related information. 1998, 377 pp., 5" x 7.5", paper, $4.95.
The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997 A chronicle of the activities of dozens of Russian non-governmental organizations which captures the dynamic growth of civil society in Russia in 1997. The publication is a compilation of stories from the weekly bulletin published by the Agency for Social Information in Moscow and translated by Center for Civil Society International. Includes an index of hundreds of more than 200 organizations.  105 pp. 8 1/2 x 11 in., spiral binding, $16.00
WWW.GRANTMAKERS This directory of nearly 1,100 funders' web sites, published by Chapel & York, includes the UK, continental Europe, the USA and Canada. It has two indexes, one organized geographically, the other, by funders' interests. 2000, 109 pp., 8 x 12 in., paper. 
Directory of American Grantmakers This directory, published by Chapel & York primarily for charitable organizations and individuals outside the USA, provides information about 300+ American grantmakers that support charitable projects around the world. 2000, 192 pp., 8 x 12 in., paper. 

About Civil Society

Thomas Carothers, Aiding Democracy Abroad: The Learning Curve.  1999, 412 pp., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, $19.95. The New York Times Book Review understated things when it called this book a "scrupulous assessment of what is now almost a 20-year effort." More than scrupulous, Carothers' book is also wide-ranging, thoughtful, and one of the first attempts to think hard and systematically about the much-expanded U.S. efforts in the late 20th century to create the institutions of freedom in other nations through "democracy aid" projects. Not the last word on this subject, but certainly one of the best places to start.  Order here from Carnegie.  
Eberly, Don E., ed. The Essential Civil Society Reader.  2001, 480 pp., Rowman & Littlefield, $18.36.  In this book, Don Eberly, one of the nation's foremost civil society theorists and activists, presents the classic writings of the leading scholars and organizations who have brought the civil society debate to the forefront of American politics.  Contributors include: Robert N. Bellah, author of Habits of the Heart; John J. DiIulio Jr., recently appointed head of President Bush's Office of Faith-Based Programs; Francis Fukuyama, professor, George Mason University; Mary Ann Glendon, professor, Harvard Law School; Vaclav Havel, playwright, author and statesman; Richard John Neuhaus, author of The Naked Public Square; and James Q. Wilson, former Harvard professor and Presidential advisor. Order here from Amazon.
Ann M. Florini, ed. The Third Force: The Rise of Transnational Civil Society.  2000, 295 pp., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, $19.95. There are six essays between the introductory one and the last, "Lessons Learned."  Most are case studies, dealing with, for example: the campaign to ban land mines; the experience of Transparency International; efforts to stop the building of big dams; and campaigns for democracy in Chiapas, Mexico, and Haiti. Co-publisher of this volume is the Japan Center for International Exchange, based in Tokyo. Order here from Carnegie.  
Marina Ottaway and Thomas Carothers, eds. Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion. 2000, 339 pp., Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, $21.95. This book is divided into five sections: the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Each section has two essays: The first is a broad review of issues in the region, while the second focuses more specifically on one country in each region (Egypt, South Africa, Philippines, Romania and Peru).  Eleven authors make up the wide range of voices in the book. Order here from Carnegie.
Robert D. Putnam, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. 2000, Simon & Schuster, 2000. $20.80. 541 pp. This widely reviewed book by a Harvard professor of government is about social connectedness and civic engagement, or "social capital," in America; how it has declined, why, and what might be done to restore it. Order here from Amazon.
Theda Skocpol and Morris P. Fiorina, eds. Civic Engagement and American Democracy. 1999. 529 pp., Brookings Institution Press and Russell Sage Foundation, $15.96. Thirteen excellent essays--some historical, some case studies, some theoretical--make up this important book.  Among the many interesting observations it contains, is this one by co-editor Skocpol: "despite the multiplicity of voices raised within it, America's new civic universe is remarkably oligarchical. Because today's advocacy groups are staff-heavy and focused on lobbying, research, and media projects, they are managed from the top with few opportunities for member leverage from below." Order here from Amazon.


Stolen Years This powerful video, first aired on PBS in March 1999, interviews a handful of survivors of the Magadan labor camps and also visits the site of a memorial to the thousands of innocent people who were sent to these camps in the Russian Far East, many never to return. The film was produced by Bruce and Jennifer Young. 1999, 60 minutes, $39.95.

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