Cilvektiesibu Zurnals (Latvian Human Rights Quarterly)


Latvian Human Rights Institute
Raina bulv. 19
Riga, LV-1586
Tel.&fax: 371 7 22 46 33
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For the educational and informational purposes the Human Rights Institute of the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, publishes its Cilvektiesibu Zurnals (Latvian Human Rights Quarterly). Publishing of the Journal was started in 1996 and the first three issues of it are published up to now. This is the first and unique journal on human rights issues in Latvia and, as far as we know, the only one in the Baltic States. The purpose of the journal is to give its contribution to the protection of human rights and provide specialists, academic personnel, students, representatives of legal professions and the others on problems, hot topics and different issues of the human rights in Latvia and abroad. Beginning with this year the Institute will start to publish the English version of its Latvian Human Rights Quarterly. The fourth issue in Latvian and the first issue in English will be published already this April. The journal is divided in four parts:
Part A "Articles" contains articles by human rights experts on hot human rights issues in Latvia and abroad.
Part B " Human Rights Documents" is devoted to the publication of the most important human rights documents.
Part C "Courts practices" is devoted to the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights as well as to the decisions of the national courts concerning violations of human rights.
Part D "Information" provides information on human rights issues and the latest publications available at the Institute.

If you would be interested in getting more information on this publication or receiving it on regular bases please let us know. The subscription for this publication is available now and will be send out on request.

Yours sincerely,
Santa Latkovska
Documentalist of Latvian Human Rights Institute

Last updated:    March 1997

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