East European Constitutional Review


For subscription information, contact:

Alison Rose
Managing Editor
East European Constitutional Review
Budapest 1051
Nador utca 11
Fax: + 36-1-327 3103
Email: rosea@osi.hu

Russian Science Foundation
8/7 B. Zlatoustinsky Lane
(formerly Bolshoi Komsomolsky per.)
103982 Moscow, Russia.
Fax: (095) 206-8774
E-mail: olga@glas.apc.org
Contact: Olga Sidorovich

Published quarterly by the New York University Law School in partnership with the Central European University (CEU). The CEU was founded by George Soros and provides facilities, resources, and funding for the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism's network of correspondents and affiliates in Eastern Europe.

The Spring 1995 issue of the Review, for example, contained five essays on the theme of the political consequences of parliamentary rule in five countries: Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Belarus. A regular department, "Constitution Watch," provides country-by-country updates on constitutional politics in Eastern Europe and the ex-USSR.

Subscriptions to the East European Constitutional Review are free. The Review is also published in Russian as Konstitutsionnoe Pravo: Vostochnoevropeiskoe Obrozrenie. Copies of the Russian version may be obtained from the Russian Science Foundation.

Last updated:    March 1998

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