IECC is a mailing list for teachers seeking partner classrooms for international and cross-cultural electronic mail exchanges. The list has been used successfully in the past by Russian schools seeking partners. In fact, a search of the list's archives for the past year using the key word "Russia" netted about thirty messages.

To use the list, people must first subscribe to IECC as they would to any Internet listserv. Then the teacher sends a request for a partner classroom to the mailing list. Teachers are asked to follow a general format in their request for a partner classroom. The list is not for people seeking individual pen-pals.

There are two other mailing lists devoted to project announcements and discussions about intercultural e-mail classroom partnerships. Also available is an ARCHIVE OF PAST POSTINGS which lists all postings to the IECC mailing list, it is searchable by keyword.

For information on how to subscribe to the lists click here now.

Last Updated: January 1996

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