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Publications and Videos

Qty Prices
Civil Society in Central Asia $19.95
Directory of Non-Government Environmental Organizations of St. Petersburg $4.95
Internet Resources for Eurasia, 2001 edition! Just out! $14.95
The Post-Soviet Handbook--revised edition (1999). $19.95
Stolen Years $ 39.95

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Discounts: Ten percent discounts on quantities of 10 to19. Twenty percent discounts on orders of 20 or more.

International: For surface rate mailing of single book orders, add $5 for postage and handling to any country. (Surface rate mail can take six-eight weeks.) For air rate mailing of single book orders, add $10 for all countries--except Asia-Pacific ones. Add $12.50 for air postage and handling to the Asia-Pacific region. (Allow one-two weeks for international air delivery.)
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