Education for Democracy Foundation


National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
vul. Skovorody 2
254070 Kyiv
Tel: (44) 416-4515
Fax: (44) 463-6783
Contact: Sergei Riabov, Chairman
EDF, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, was registered in Kyiv in February 1998. It was established by a group of scholars and educators as a resource center to improve the teaching of democracy and civics, and the formation of civil society in Ukraine. EDF conducts research programs and disseminates experiences and new forms of education based on democratic values. It provides resource support and training to local civic education NGOs.

Among the foundation's recent achievements are publication of a teaching manual, Political Elections: Glossary-Reference Book, which was distributed to voters, government officials, and NGOs, and Polymatha series of competitions, quizzes, radio talkshows, TV, video materials, and articles in newspapers and magazines designed to foster interest and knowledge in young people on civic culture questions. According to Riabov, a professor of political science at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the foundation's activity has the support of the Ukrainian government. EDF cooperates closely in several projects with the Department of Political Culture, the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Youth. Internationally, EDF collaborates with Center for Civic Education, the Interna-tional Foundation for Electoral Systems, American Federation of Teachers, Centre for the Study of Democracy (Queen's University, Canada), Education Department of the Council of Europe, Center for Human Rights (Lithuania), and the Belarus Association of Think Tanks. The foundation has a staff of four.

Last updated:    February 1999

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