DANA–Regional Women's Independent Association


P.O. Box 104
327 015 Mikolayiv
Tel/Fax: (512) 33-51-08, 38-05-12
Email: elena@dana.mk.ua
Contact: Elena Kabashnaya, President
DANA was registered in September 1995 as a nonprofit organization. Its first activities were benevolent actions: helping the poor obtain clothes, footwear, and food products; helping children and invalids; organizing benefit concerts; and developing ways to help single mothers. Over time the members of DANA began expressing a desire for broader changes in Ukrainian society. They initiated new directions of activity and new ties and the organization drew new members with new ideas and plans. In the words of its president, "DANA is a living organism, she fluctuates and [adapts], lives and functions!"

In 1998, DANA created a crisis center for women who suffer from violence and started the How to Escape Violence program for women. Within a few months, 1,900 women had passed through the program.

DANA is currently focusing on civic education, emphasizing human rights, legislative activity, and a program directed against trafficking in women. It has raised public interest in this problem and created much press and TV attention on the issue. According to DANA, a compulsory course in human rights was introduced into Ukraine's schools as a result of its efforts.

DANA has 52 members and 874 volunteers.

Last updated:    February 1999

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