"Women’s Light" Feminist Club

ul. Trekhsvyatskaya 31/11
170000 Tver
Tel: (0822) 343 373
E-mail: val@usp.tunis.tver.su
Contact: Valentina Uspenskaya, Inessa Obratsova

Women’s Light is a research and educational center on gender issues, founded in 1991. It delivers courses on gender/feminist studies for university students. The group organized a sale of books, clothing and other used items in the summer of 1995, donating the proceeds to a local children’s hospital. In October 1997, the organization celebrated the 6 year anniversary of the "Women's Light" club - the first and still the only feminist organization in Tver which aim is to educate people in women's history and feminist studies.

Member Inessa Obratsova attended the International Women’s Conference in Beijing. In October her account of that event inaugurated a series of “Readings on Women’s History,” held at Tver public library. Member Antonina Gaidenko, a journalist, has produced a radio program oriented to women.

Believing that the using of a new technology can empower women, "Women's Light" has organized the volunteer program "Computer skills for women" - the courses for women (for unemployed women and young girls) who would like to know how to work with text editor and e-mail (Natalia Mamchenkova as the coordinator and the main trainer, with the help of Elena Tofanjuk and Valentina Uspenskaya, too).

Rimma Epifanova, one more activist from the "Women's Light", opened a psychological support seminar for women and she helps many women of different ages. During this year we used to organize some training seminars on women's rights and women's leadership, together with colleagues in Moscow ; to translate and dessiminate the information from NEWW ON-LINE among women activists (Anna Cherkassova, Elena Geveling).

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Last updated: May 1997