Union of Don Women
"Building Peace after Conflict" Project

The essence of our project:

The project is intended to last a year, in the course of which we hope to realize the following goals:

  1. To create a rehabilitation center for people with stress- and post-
    traumatic stress syndromes within the framework and on the basis
    of the Union of Don Women;
  2. To conduct a series of seminars and organize the work of peace-making
    groups, with the goal of teaching conflict resolution and, first and
    foremost, the peaceful resolution of conflicts among national groups;
  3. To publish a book, "Lessons of the Chechen War through the Eyes
    of Women," and a map of the places where people killed in the Chechen
    War are buried; to conduct seminars and children's exchanges through
    a program for learning the history, culture, traditions and daily lives of
    the peoples inhabiting the Northern Caucasus.

Further activities will be included to the extent that they help provide the necessary conditions for constructing peace after the Chechen conflict, for easing tensions between national groups in the Northern Caucuses, for forming a popular, peaceful perspective based on tolerant and respectful consideration of the problems of all peoples populating the region, and for achieving a stable peace and sense of safety.

The essence of the problem:

One of the long-lasting consequences of any war is the psychological trauma of people who suffered in it in any way. First and foremost is the psychological trauma of the soldiers who served in it -- participants in war or any type of armed conflict. In Russia so-called Afghan syndrome, or today Chechen syndrome, is a well-known example.

Therefore one of the most important parts of peace-making activities -- and one of the main directions of the work of the Women of the Don -- is easing the internal wounds of people -- the psychological trauma and pain inside them. The process of healing psychological trauma gives people the opportunity to recognize themselves in their own society and to develop a positive feeling of community not based on hatred towards others.

Known programs for healing psychological trauma also deal with the problems of lessening prejudice and teaching conflict-resolution and peace-education.

Namely these three foci for our activities, which were outlined in our program of action, were accepted by the International Conference "Women for Life without War and Violence!", organized by the Union of Don Women as the main focus of the project "Constructing Peace after Conflict."

Goals of the Project:

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