"Nye Zhdi" Association of Independent Women’s Democratic Initiatives

ul. Nikitinskaya 8, kom. 415
394000 Voronezh
Tel: (0732) 52-23-70, 56-54-91, 36-30-86 (home)
E-mail: forvor@glas.apc.org


ul. Volodarskovo 64
Tel: (0732) 55-59-26
Contact: Ludmilla Yanovna Tarasova

Founded in 1993, Nye Zhdi (“Don’t Wait”) unites more than 10 public women’s organizations and groups working to further women’s rights, hu-man rights and the development of civil society. Member organizations–a girls club; the “Galateya” family club; and a workshop on family entrepreneurship, for example–collaborate on projects, share information, and provide consultation to other groups. Nye Zhdi is active with groups throughout Russia and abroad. It publishes an annual report about its activities.

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Last updated: January 1997