ul. 40-let Pobedy 57, kom. 182
Naberezhnye Chelny
423815 Tatarstan
Tel: (8552) 549390, 596838 (home)
Tel/Fax: (8552) 561303
E-mail: elena@fem.kamaz.kazan.su
Contact: Elena V. Mashkova, director

Femina was founded in November, 1990. It conducts sociological research and gives a course, "Gender studies," for students. The organization publishes it's own regional newspaper, "Women's Notebook", and magazine, "Girls Ask For Attention". In addition Femina writes a supplement to the city's newspaper called "Femina" and produces two TV programs for women entitled "Kamazonka" and "Femina". Femina has organized several local conferences which focus on women's health and employment issues at large industrial enterprises, using the KAMAZ plant in Naberezhnye Chelny as a model. Also Femina's director, Elena Mashkova, has given presentations at more than 15 international conferences. In November 1995 Femina member Irina Zajceva attended a "Young Women for Democracy" program in Amsterdam. The meeting brought together 35 young women from 16 countries. Activities included seminars and workshops, e-mail training, and public demonstrations against French nuclear testing.

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