Novisibirsk Women's Organizations


Prospekt Dimitrova 4 ,k.1004
Russia 630090 Novosibirsk,
Tel/Fax: (3832) -10-14-34

Women's Creative Union wants to get acquainted with Women's nonprofit organizations with similar interests to our interests in the state of Michigan (and beyond). Shortly about our organization. It unites active, creative and thinking women who have higher or technical education and different majors. Our goals: -organizational women's unification, creating communicative surrounding,... At the current time there are 3 directions of our work:

  1. Women's small businesses support:
    - basic business education for women;
    - seminars and consultations on the business problems;
    - care for the rights and interests on the local places;

  2. Forming the understanding of good relationships in the society
    - round tables, seminars and training in non-conflict relationship in the families and working collectives;
    - creating the supporting fund "Healthy Agreement";
    - organization of the school " " for kids and adults.

  3. Organization of the club as the communication center.

Our organization is young. It was registered at June 5, 1995. We think that your experience would be very helpful for us. We would be glad to receive your invitation. From our side we invite you to join our project and we will be glad to see you in our place.

This organizational description was sent to CCSI from Nadezhda Latrygina of Women's Creative Union.

The NIS Third Sector Organization section is based on information found in the print edition of "The Post-Soviet Handbook." For more information on the Handbook and instructions on how to order, see our Post Soviet Handbook Information page.

Last updated:    January 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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