Mold-Eco Foundation


ul. Yelishesku 50, kv. 15
277001 Chisinau
Tel: (2) 26-54-50
Fax: (2) 23-38-06


ul. Mihai Eminescu 50, kom. 15
277012 Chisinau
Tel/Fax: (2) 22-19-44
Contact: Valeriu Briceag, President; Liliana Ursu, Executive Secretary

Mold-Eco officially registered in May 1994. Membership dues are the U.S. equivalent of $5 for individuals, $25 for organizations or institutions. Mold-Eco receives some financing from the Non-Budgetary Ecological Fund of the Republic of Moldova, other grants, and consulting fees. Principal staff is six persons: the president, vice-president, manager, chairman of the Board, secretary, and computer pro-grammer. None of these persons is paid a salary.

Mold-Eco supports itself on the basis of specific projects which are funded by grants. Active members number 39. Members range in age between 16 and 40. They work on translations, project development, programming, organizing wokshops, etc. The organization's associate members number more than 100.

Accomplishments of Mold-Eco in 1995 included coordinating the project "Feasibility Study for Moldova–New Regional Environmental Centres," and organising a forum of NGOs of Moldo-va on the Protection of the Danube River Basin. Mold-Eco has also been carrying out the project "Ecological Clean-up of the City of Chisinau" since September 1995.

Mold-Eco promotes the development of lawyers with ecological specializa-tions. They work with "Eco-Pravo" (Lviv), CEELI, the Association of Lawyers-Ecologists of Moldova, and NGOs in Germany.

The home address of the organization's director is:
Moscova bul. 5, kv. 99
Chisinau 277068
Republic of Moldova
Home telephone: (2) 49-25-95

Last updated:    January 1997

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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