21st Century Fund


P.O.Box 206
Chisinau 2012
Republic of Moldova
Phone: +3732 234-255
Fax: +3732 232-403
E-Mai: iorgu@infotin.moldova.net
Web Site: http://www.infotin.moldova.net
Contact: Iorgu Apostol, Executive Director
Posted at CCSI's online "Organization Guestbook" April 20, 1998

The Youth Foundation 21st Century is a nongovernmental organization, whose main goal is to promote values of civil society, as well as to contribute to the improvement of a democratic society in the Republic of Moldova. Furthermore, the Youth Foundation 21st Century strives to create an awareness among the citizens of the Republic about freedom of speech, protection and conservation of the environment, NGO development, the youth of Moldova, and Moldovan culture. As a member of the National Youth Council of Moldova, the Foundation hopes to work in collaboration with all youth organizations of Moldova and abroad. The Youth Foundation 21st Century was established in 1994, due to the initiative of a group of young journalists.

In 1994, the Foundation, in collaboration with the Youth and Sport Department of the Republic of Moldova, organized a camp (Poesis) which was designed to promote the literary works of those young writer participants both from side of the river Prut. At the end of 1995 to the beginning of 1996, the Foundation carried out a variety of ecological activities: a conference called "Surviving Together" in which the environmental NGO leaders from the regions near the rivers Nistru and Prut participated; prepared a report, "Main Environmental Organizations", which was incorporated in the New-Rec Feasibility Study that was discussed at the Sofia Conference of Ministers of the Environmental of European Countries; and participated in the conference, Black Sea Youth Cooperation, which resulted in the establishment of a Youth Network who promotes collaboration among youth organizations of the Black sea region. In August of 1996, the Foundation, in collaboration with the National Youth Council of Moldova, facilitated a training course in the field of Associative Life, where representatives of Moldova Associative Youth organizations traveled to three different cities in Romania (Suceava, Cluj, and Lasi) to observe, learn from, and collaborate with these Romanian youth NG0s. In conclusion, at the end of 1996, the Foundation organized a seminar, Youth Partnership, whose goals included making acquaintances among youth structures from both Romania and Moldova with the hope of collaboration and partnership at a regional level. Within the InfoTin Moldova project, financed by EURASIA Foundation (USAID), during eight months we held seminars and conferences on the development of the youth associative structures. Also, within this project a Catalog of Youth NG0s of Moldova was published. These activities pursued to develop collaboration among youth organizations in Chisinau and those throughout the Republic.

Currently the Youth Foundation 21st Century is implementing a project co-financed by the European Union, aimed at the institutional development of the Youth Center InfoTin.

Last updated:    May 1998

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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