Women's League of Creative Initiative


ul. Kurmangazy 59A, kv. 37
480091 Almaty
Tel: 62-07-22, 32-05-28, 62-21-36 (Women's Clinic)
Contact: Asiya Khairulina, President;
Aizhan Bekullova, Vice-President;
Kuralai Akhmedieva, Coordinator of Women' Clinic

WLCI was formed in 1994 to support creative endeavors of women in the Almaty area. It has organized several exhibitions of local artists' work. All profits from sales at these exhibitions are directed to participating artists.

The league also conducted a campaign to provide presents, clothing and food to orphanages, including a children's book with illustrations drawn by local artists and published by the league. It produces a monthly informational bulletin on Almaty's art galleries, distributed to artists' unions, educational institutions and newspapers.

Under a UNDP-funded project, the league established a Women's Clinic in the Women's Pedagogical Institute in Almaty to provide medical exams and information on reproductive health and contraception to women students.

With funding from the Eurasia Foundation, the group also conducted a ten-month journalism and computer publishing course for teachers and high school students. It also publishes a monthly independent newspaper for children with the goal of exposing them to basic democratic principals and gender issues.

A print version of much of the information contained in this Central Asian Third Sector Organizations section can be found in Civil Society in Central Asia (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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Last updated:    November 1998