People's Harmonious Development Society


1-5-40, Muhiani
Tbilisi, 380072
Tel: +995 32 635 689
Contact: Tsovinar Nazarova
The organisation aims to work for and with people on issues of human rights, healthy life styles, family planning, and personal development through promotion, training and research. The organisation conducts research into gender issues and disseminates results through seminars, training sessions and round-table discussions. The Executive Board (3 people) decides the organisation's policy. The organisation exists for the use of local NGOs on local and regional levels. Every initiative that we undertake is a joint effort of our staff and the end users. We try to work with as many people and NGOs as possible, but it is not always possible due to communication problems and ability to network.

Brief summary of organisation's activities:

A series of seminars on the program "Teaching women the rules of healthy way of life," raising the level of knowledge in family planning, popularisation of modern contraceptives (since 1997 March, grant from Open Society Georgia Foundation)

Training on the program "Habits of Effectiveness" with a group of leaders of national minorities of Georgia (since 1999 April, sponsored Latvian Honorary Consulate).

Facilitation of the program "World, free from violence against women" (since 1999 March, in collaboration MiraMed Institute). Review and discussion of the film: "World, free from violence against women" ; informative-research work help to prepare Preliminary Survey Report on Sexual Trafficking in CIS (see

Facilitation of the program: "Participation of women in small business". Teaching the director and the author of the program in Israel on the program MASHAVR (1999 July, grant from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State of Israel).

Participation in Human Rights Advanced Leadership Training for Women (since 1998 July, grant from Open Society Institute).

Work with Women's Rights Training Program Georgian Team on "Anti-Trafficking Project in Georgian "(since 1999 October, grant from Open Society Joint informative-enlightening activity with the Department of Computer's Art of Tbilisi State Academy of Art (two program since 1997 June and 1997 December grants from Open Society Georgia Foundation).

Prepare NGO Report on Women Status in Georgia

Publication and Conference "Reproductive health and protection of labor" conference on Gender Study, Tbilisi State University, 1999.

"Violence prevention in society" - conference on Culture for Peace, Tsakhkadzor, Armenia,1999


"Be alert and careful not to become a victim of Trafficking…" 1999, Booklet "Investigation of the abuse problem in the IDP Women in Georgia" , "No Protection Against Sex Traffickers", "Women's in Arm Conflict Situation" etc. - on-line articles.

Present interests and needs:

We plan to organize a Summer Computer Art Academy and need financial support. We began to work with Georgia Disabled Women's International Association and it's interesting for us to know other NGO's experience for organization. We work with other Georgian NGOs in Anti-Trafficking Project. We need information about Georgian citizenship problems.

Last updated:    April 2000

A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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