The Post-Soviet Handbook: A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources. Revised Edition (1999)

"A wonderful source of practical knowledge for every student of contemporary Russian life."
- Nina Belyaeva, Interlegal, Moscow

"Anyone with connections to the former Soviet Union will want to have this directory at hand."
- The Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA

"An excellent guide."
- Slavic Review

"A wonderful resource
presenting private organizations assisting in the business of rebuilding the NIS."
- Library Journal

The Post-Soviet Handbook documents the enormous variety of grassroots initiatives which have emerged in seven nations formerly part of the USSR: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is the only guide of its kind, identifying and describing the real architects and builders of democratic progress across this vast and important region—from the Independent Consumers Union in Azerbaijan to the Center for Defense of Wild Nature in Vladivostok. Many of the new entries represent projects based in provincial centers. A new element is the inclusion of numerous projects originating in Canada. The Post-Soviet Handbook, Revised Edition, provides extensive contact information for hundreds of independent associations, and describes their principal programs and activities. This compendium is an essential resource for scholars, policy makers, business leaders, activists and anyone interested in collaborative projects with these groups.


  • Descriptions of 145 North American organizations managing projects in these post-Soviet societies
  • Contact information and brief profiles of more than 650 post-Soviet non-governmental organizations
  • Key electronic mailing lists and World Wide Web sites
  • Online news sources
  • A guide to sending and receiving e-mail in Cyrillic
Photo of cover of The Post-Soviet Handbook, Revised Edition

415 pp, 6" x 9", paper, ISBN 0-295-97794-9, $19.95 (plus shipping and handing).

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