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Forced Migration Projects
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The Forced Migration Monitor is published bimonthly by the Forced Migration Projects of the Open Society Institute-New York. The Forced Migration Projects were established to monitor circumstances in different regions of the world in order to provide the international community with early warning of forced movements of people, as well to identify the social, economic, and political conditions which cause such dislocations. The Projects encourage early and effective humanitarian responses to migration emergencies; advocate the humane treatment of those unable to return; urge permanent solutions for those displaced; and promote measures that avert individuals' need to flee. The Projects gather information concerning displacements and the circumstances that motivate them, concentrating primarily on the countries of the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, and the Americas.

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The Forced Migration Projects' web site features an archive of current
and past issues of The Forced Migration Monitor dating back to 1994.

Last updated:    November 1997

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