DO-WIRE is a moderated e-mail announcement list covering the convergence of democracies and the Internet around the world.

The 5 to 10 weekly "best of" posts are forwarded from the civic, political, government, media, and private sectors on new projects, interactive events, online resources, research, conferences, and URLs to important news stories. Over 100 e-mail lists and dozens of news services are monitored for this service which reaches hundreds of people around the world. This service was started in January 1998 and now has more than 500 subscribers from around the world.

To SUBSCRIBE, please send an e-mail message to:

In the body of your message, write: Please note that you will be asked to confirm your subscription via e-mail.

DO-WIRE Posting Archive on the Web

Past posts on the Democracies Online Newswire are available from:

DO-WIRE Submission Information

Submissions to the Democracies Online Newswire are encouraged. Please send your proposed submissions to:

Last updated:    February 1999

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